Tell Me. Again, How Women Do Not Initiate Violence

Feminists claim that women do not initiate violence. They claim that women only response do an abusive husband, and that, they say, is a rare occurrence. However, the following has come across on my local newspaper:


The evil bitch from hell.

A Fargo mother accused of using their child’s toy to beat her husband, breaking it across his head while he held their baby, and then assaulting her mother, has pleaded guilty.

Chelsy Ann Graves, 26, pleaded guilty Wednesday in Cass County District Court to one misdemeanor count of Class A menacing and one misdemeanor count of Class B disorderly conduct.

Graves was accused last month of kicking her husband in the side, shoulder, back, neck and head, telling him he deserved to die and threatening to get his gun from the cabinet and shoot him.

She then allegedly assaulted her mother when he called her for help.

Graves was sentenced to 26 days in jail plus one year of unsupervised probation.

She’s also required to undergo a chemical dependency evaluation.


Now, in my opinion, the woman was let off easy. Had a man done the same thing, he would have certainly had a harsher penalty. But at least she is being recognized for the crime. So, we need to make certain that the woman is punished as much as if a man had done the same thing. But it is a start.

Of note is that there is no violence or abuse initiated by the husband. It had been initiated entirely by the woman.

So, tell me again how women never initiate violence and abuse.


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