Testosterone: It Does NOT Cause Aggressive Behavior

In general, I think that feminists refer to “testosterone poisoning” as they say that testosterone causes aggression and violence in men. It seems to me that it is just another bit of misandry that feminists tend to vomit on occasion. And from what I have seen in the popular culture, it is generally accepted without question.

And, thus, men have been demonized since the 1960’s by feminists, manginas, and the white-knights in society, without ever understanding anything about the truth concerning how testosterone behaves in the brain.

According to “The Role Of Testosterone In Social Interaction”, {by Christoph Eisenegger, Johannes Haushofer and Ernst Fehr, published in Behavioral and Clinical Neuroscience Institute, Department of Experimental Psychology, Downing Street, University of Cambridge, CB2 3EB, UK and by Department of Economics, Laboratory for Social and Neural Systems Research, University of Zurich, Blu¨ mlisalpstrasse 10,8006 Zurich, Switzerland} testosterone actually calm men down and acts as a social hormone. However, the neurobiological effects have only started to be studied seriously.

Testosterone is the male sex hormone that is responsible for secondary sexual attributes. However, more importantly, it has resulted in socio-economic and economic behavior, as well as the flight/fight response. Thus, men generally become calmer than women, and men, through testosterone, are more able to deal with danger, while women generally tend to be bitchy and irritable. And that is why women, in general, are more warlike than men are, because fear is a precursor to violence.

And, because more women vote than men do, and, thus, women have more control over politics than men do, and we are still having wars. And even before women had the vote (more on that in another post), women had control of the households, and thus many men voted the way their wives wanted them to vote. So, based on this recent research, and based upon the federal crime and violence statistics, women have a better tendency to be aggressive than men do.

However, there is a very strong placebo effect with respect to testosterone. If we give someone testosterone and then tell them we have given them testosterone. they tend to become aggressive. Even in the case of women.

Thus have the feminists caused a reaction that is solely psychological. Feminists have so demonized men and testosterone that the myth is very hard to shake. However, men with lower levels of testosterone are more likely to be aggressive that a man with a normal amount of testosterone. Additionally, when give approximately ten times the normal amount of testosterone, by mass, they become more honest, social, and pleasant.

Thus, the myth about testosterone poisoning, and how testosterone causes aggression, violence, and bad breath, is, like so many lies that feminists have told over the past 40 years, another set of lies. “The preconception that testosterone only causes aggressive or egoistic behavior in humans is thus clearly refuted”{Eisenegger}

So, the truth of the matter is that testosterone does not cause aggression of violence. Rather, aggressive allows men to be sociable, more honest and open. And everything you thought you knew about testosterone was a lie.


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