Ending this Short-lived Weblog

Greetings to people who have been reading this weblog over the past few months.

I had started this weblog because I had wanted to originally join a mens group in the Fargo, North Dakota area, and had been unable to find a valid mens group to which I had agreed. Now, I still have not found a mens group, but it is difficult for me to write a posting every month, or even one posting a week.

I am sorry I have wasted your time.

I had a stroke in 2011, and I am somewhat brain-damaged as a result of my stroke. So it is very difficult for me to produce any content in a timely manner. It takes me a very long time to do anything worth. Lie going grocery shopping or doing laundry, for example. And I am, thus, unable to produce content to this weblog in a timely manner.

So, I will shutting down this weblog to prevent wasting your time.

I do have some suggestions for other, far better, weblogs for you to peruse.

The best weblog I have currently found is “Shedding of the Ego

Others include:

A Voice For Male Students“, which is currently unavailable due to the fact that it is being relaunched on 1 July 2014.

I am not too sure about “MGTOW.com“, but you could give it a look

Of course I will always recommend “Redonkulas


Let’s Talk About Women In The Military (2015.06.18)


In April 2015, the United States Marine Corps has ended the Female Infantry Officer Program.

In September 2012, the USMC (United States Marine Corps) had started a trial period wherein the USMC had allowed women to attend Marine Corps’ Infantry Officer Course. This trial period ended in July 2014. There was not a single female graduate. During that trial run, twenty female officers had applied for the course, but none had completed the course. And only one had actually made it through the initial Combat Endurance Test.

There has been a recent push to allow women into previously men only military career fields. In my own personal experience, in 1988, the first female 811×0 (Security Specialist) entered technical training. For whatever reason, that particular career field had been deprecated in 1997. This does not imply that my old career field was destroyed by women. But…

Now, sit and think about that when you hear about the concerns that feminists state that a women can do anything that a man can do. Now, for the most part, that may be true. But, there are certainly jobs that men do that woman cannot do, or will not do. And I would like to think that my readers would know some of those jobs, but I any do not, send me a response and I will write about it in the future.

Now, all men should realize that men and women are different. DUH! But those silly feminists, for some odd reason, deny the facts and the evidence. Men have the hormone of testosterone, which allows men to build the required upper body strength to do certain things. It also allows men to be sociable, and more honest and truthful than women. It allows men to be calmer even in the face of adversity. Yes, boys and girls, testosterone is NOT a toxic chemical that is causing you to be all “rapey”. However, the very reasons that testosterone allows men to man-jobs, in general, prevents women from doing man-jobs.

And, yes, I do think that and mean that.

So, what is the point of me mentioning this point upon which this blog posting is about?

First: I want to piss off the feminists. Really!

Second: I want men to know that us men are able to do things that only men can do. See, we need to keep remembering that men are just as important as women, that men are not, in any way shape or form, disposable. Even though some subset of the feminist agenda is actively trying to exterminate 90% of the men on the planet.

Men need to be aware that feminism is a real live, honest to goodness, actual hate group. And as long as we remember that simple fact, we can retain our manhood and our manliness against adversity. Men do not need to take on feminine attributes. Really!

Men do have feelings, however, men express our feelings differently than women do. Men do not need to appease women in that area, as men can effectively deal with our feelings in our own way. And be damned with what women think about it. If a women is arguing about the way a man is expressing his emotions, it is the women’s misunderstanding about men, and nothing other than that.

Men are not slaves of their rage, until and unless a woman is trying to get you to feel the way that the woman feels. That, in my opinion, is where the rage originates. Men need other men in order to express their feeling in their own way. It does not need a woman who does not truly understand men to “help”. Because that kind of “help” will always, eventually, cause problems for the man.

And, so, back to the original point.

Some men are able to successfully complete the Marine Corps’ Infantry Officer Course. No woman is able to successfully complete the Marine Corps’ Infantry Officer Course. That is because there is no woman wants to do that job, or there is no woman who can do that job.


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Let’s Talk About Rape.


Us men are sick and tired that the feminists say, constantly, that “men need to be taught not to rape”. Even saying that phrase makes me more than a bit angry. The feminists tell us that it is never anything that the woman has done, and that the problem is always the man.

This is total nonsense.

Do you imagine that most men realize that rape is a bad thing. It seems to me that whole “teach men not to rape” thing is a bit over the top, as every man knows damn well that rape is a bad thing. Hell, even the rapists realize that it is a bad thing. The feminists must think that all men are fucking brain damaged or something.

It insults me when I see or hear that simple phrase “teach men not to rape”. Even more, as I have heard or read that little simple phrase so often that I am starting to get enraged when I see or hear that phrase.

Yes. All. Men. Already. Know. That. Rape. Is. A. Bad. Thing.

And how are we supposed to respond to this? It is about time for men, in my opinion, to speak out immediately, loudly, and clearly. It is time for all men to say, “NO SHIT”! Because otherwise, if we say nothing, or if we feel, somehow, embarrassed, we have essentially acknowledged that the feminist rhetoric makes sense.

Tell you what, the feminist rhetoric is nonsense. And the sooner we say that, the better. We know that the feminist movement is ruining the world. Everyone’s freedom is being pounded down by the feminists, and, for the most part, we say and do nothing. The very least that a man should do when he hears or reads ANY feminist rhetoric is to say, or write, loud and clearly “I disagree”.

That’s it. Just say “I disagree”. Just grab a pen or a marker or some writing implement and write “I disagree”. If you do nothing else, please just say or write that simple disagreement. Again, that is the least possible thing that you should do. If you do less than that, if you just stomp off and say nothing, you have lost yet another battle with the feminists. And it a merely small battle, but every time that a man does nothing, every man loses a little bit of freedom.

So, who is blame for rape? The rapists, of course. And the number of rapists are very small. Hell, the actual number of rapes that occur are relatively small, certainly not the one out of five false statistic.

The second thing about rape is that is an equal opportunity occurrence.

Yes, both men and women get raped. And both men and women are potential rapists. However, the myths about female-on-male rapes will still not die. However, is it a real and traumatic thing for a man, no less traumatic for woman. Make no mistake, when you try to tell him that “he got lucky”, or some silly nonsense like that, you are being cruel and evil. If you told the same thing to a woman, the general consensus of the entire planet would rise up against you, but for a woman-on-man rape seems to be a joke of some sort?

I think not!

And what about the women who get raped? Are they culpable?

In my opinion, if a women is “on the prowl”, wearing an inappropriate clothing, if she is in some way looking for a man to hook up with, and is in the wrong place at the wrong time. Hell, if she looks like a hooker, acts like a hooker, and is looking for a man, and she gets raped… Well, it is a bad occurrence, but if she is looking for a man, she hooks up with a man, and they have sex, with consent. And after the fact, she realizes that the man lied about his profession or his car, or his money, or any number of things. That isn’t rape. Really. It is not rape.

The woman doesn’t get to decide after the fact that she was raped if, at the time of sexual intercourse, she consented. If the woman after the fact changed her mind, well, she made an error, but it is not rape.

Women need to learn that. Women should not be pandered. Both men and women are responsible for their actions, and if the woman is drunk, she does not get a free pass. If the woman is drinking, at some point in her drinking, she realizes that she is getting drunk, she should stop drinking. Really! If she continues drinking and get bombed off her ass, everything that happens is fifty percent her fault. We need women to be accountable for their actions. All of their actions.

However, feminism has turned women into irresponsible children. And I want nothing to do with it.

Actually, Lesbians Sexually Assault More Often Than Men.


Check out this article.

Men have told, again and again, that they are sexual predators, that all man is a potential rapist, that men should be taught not to rape, as if no man just doesn’t know that rape is a bad thing. We have told that men have “testosterone poisoning” ignoring the truth about testosterone entirely.

Women have been portrayed as the eternal victims of sexual assault, while ignoring the woman on man sexual assaults altogether. Women have been cast as the poor, helpless, innocent, victims for far too long. Are these stereotypes accurate by any stretch of the imagination?

However, there is a more vicious type of criminal, and has always been ignored, for some reason. This is the lesbian. Now, this is far from an isolated incident, but a lesbian Virginia Tech student had killed her lover after the women flew into a rage because her date wore sweats to their “whipped cream and wine” date. Read that again, I seriously think that the murderess is more than a bit crazy, but that is just my opinion. However, the murderess in question, Jessica Michelle Ewing, was sentenced to 45, yes Forty-Five, years in prison for that murder.

However, incidences like this are pretty well ignored by the feminists and the media, because the facts do not support the hopes and the ideals of the feminist agenda. And the last thing that the feminists would do it to injure, in any way, that men are the primary aggressors in sexual assault. And so, the feminists, and the media, try to ignore such information that hurts their “cause”.

And, like I have said, above, this is far from an isolated incident. The myth is that the female is the “gentle” sex. The truth of the matter is that female the more violent sex. And, of course, a female-female is the most violent couple of all.

Now, I do not recall the citation exactly, but according to Warren Farrell, it may be in either “Why Men Are The Way They Are”, or “The Myth Of Male Power”, woman-woman relationships are the most violent, whereas, the male-male relationship is the least violent. Like I said, I read this in a Warren Farrell book years ago, and I am too lazy to look it up just now.

Statistically, lesbians, in general, experience domestic violence in much the same rate as heterosexual women. It has been estimated that between 17-45% of lesbians have been the victim of at least one act of violence perpetrated by another woman, and that 30% of lesbians have reported that sexual assault or rape by another woman. (Waldner-Haygrud, 1997; AVP, 1992) (Burke et al, 1999; Lie et al, 1991) (Renzetti, 1992). {http://www.ovc.gov/pubs/forge/sexual_numbers.html#intimate_partner}

Now, I know that feminists do not really “like” homosexuals of any type, however, I am calling out the feminists, yet again, to try to be honest in your agenda. Check your statistics. Check your premises. and check your facts!

Men are not the source of all evil, far from it. Testosterone is not, in any way, toxic. Since violence, at its heart, comes from fear, a lack of testosterone causes more violence than the presence of testosterone. And the lesbian relationship is a relationship without any testosterone, and that, as we have seen, above, causes more violence.

Just saying…

Yet Another Discussion About MGTOW, Early June 2015.


Now, you all should be aware that I am a MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way). And I have “officially” been a MGTOW since 2013, just after my divorce. However, I realized that MGTOW was a good idea in approximately 2000. But, however, I realized that a divorce is ALWAYS in favor of the women. So I had just sucked it up. And, like I may have said before, while my stroke had essentially ruined my life, to be honest, it would have been far worse if I had burdened by a divorce.

Now, that being said, let us continue.

First off, MGTOW is separate and distinct from MRA/MRM (Mens Right’s Activism/Mens Right’s Movement), even though the MRA/MRM disagree with my assessment. See, the MRM/MRA are essentially in direct opposition to feminism, and are, essentially, traditionalists. However, MGTOW has no such ideals, instead, MGTOW think that they know the true nature of women, and have decided that we choose to limit our interactions with women.

Really, other than the vagina, of what use is a woman to a man? Now, we do not dislike women, we do not hate women, we merely would like to not interact with women on a personal level. Any interactions between a MGTOW and a woman are, at best, superficial, and all business. Nothing personal or anything that can be interpreted as personal. And for me, that is just fine.

MGTOW know that there is a great problem with getting married. The real cost is far to great to pay, and if a married man becomes a MGTOW, the last thing he should do is get divorced. Because he understands the cost of a divorce, he knows that the courts are for the woman and against the man, so the best thing he should do is just suck it up, and hope that his spouse never knows.

Men, generally have more male friends that female friends. And these other men are generally closer friends than any woman. That is because men and women are different, very different. Men are social beings, we generally are not afraid of much, we generally do not lie, and we generally have honor. Women in general, are afraid, they lie, and they have no honor. (PS:The feminists are going to pop a blood vessel in their brain over that last sentence). And that is why men prefer male friends over female friends. Additionally, two man can generally be very close with their friendship, over time. Women, in general, can not really be that close to each other.

A married man could possibly be in a bad situation with respect to friends. I have seen, even in my previous situation, a wife attempting to separate the husbands friends. The male friends that a husband has have a potential problem for the wife, because the male friends can and will notice things that the husband cannot see. And as long as there is a male friend to call him out on the nonsense he is seeing, he can think rationally and protect himself. And that is why a wife will want to separate the husband from his male friends.

I have seen this sort of dysfunctional between a wife and a husband before, and I have seen this in my own previous marriage.

So, the most important thing that a man needs is male friends.


Now, as I have said above, other than a vagina, of what use is a woman to a man? Men are generally cleaner than women. My two ex-wives were slobs. My last ex-wife had always that the clutter and the mess was MY fault. Then we got an apartment with two bathrooms. Then my ex-wife was forced to admit that she was the slob. But, what are the stereotypical “chores” for a wife? In today’s society the woman generally works also, but her “chores” are essentially very easy. That is because men had created the automatic washing machine, the automatic dishwasher, the vacuum cleaner. Hell, men are responsible for making these automatic machines that women use in their “chores”. Men do thing like shovel snow, cut the grass, take out the garbage, fix the roof, and everything that is relatively harder to do.

So-called “woman’s work” is a no-brainer. I myself wash the laundry approximately 1_1/2 hours a month and that includes putting my clothing away. And most of that 1_1/2 hours involves sitting in the laundromat waiting. I cook my own food, hell, the last time I went out to eat was on veterans day, and before that it was on August 2014. Other than that, I have always cooked my own food, men do not really need a woman to cook, since men can generally eat pretty well without the interference of a woman. In addition, how of the best cooks in the world are men when compared to women? And men, would you rather cook for yourself or have a woman cook for you, knowing that she secretly resents that she cooks for you?

And if I don’t want to really clean up my place, it is far cheaper, and less aggravating, to have a cleaning lady come in once or twice a month to give a quick cleaning, rather than have a wife.

Now, I know my that my sample size is bordering on my personal experiences and the friends I have had. But even aside from the above reasons, really, what does a woman offer to a man that is of any worth?

Female Serial Killers?




I have read an article on The New Yorker, entitled “Lady Killers” from which this article is based upon.

There are female serial killers in much the same way that there are male serial killers. However, of all the serial killers, only approximately one of every six serial killers are female. So, I will accept that there more male serial killers than female serial killers. However, we all to to accept that there are female serial killers. In addition, female serial killers are generally ignored, overlooked, and underestimated.

Seriously, would any “real man” even think of a female as a serial killer?

It appears that society, in general, is under some delusion that girls, as well as women, are “sugar and spice and everything nice”, which, in all actuality, is total, absolute, nonsense.

However, I can support my assertion, here, which has recently appeared in “The Journal Of Forensic Psychiatry & Psychology”. Now, recently, there has been more research into the growing body of research into female serial killers.

Now the biggest difference between a male serial killer and a female serial killer is that, in general, male serial killers tend to kill strangers, whereas female serial killers, generally, kill their husband and children. Also, male serial killers, in general, ultimately kill for sex, whereas female serial killers kill, in general, for money. In addition, male serial killers, generally, kill by shooting, strangling, or stabbing their victims, whereas female serial killers, generally, kill using poison.

In addition to all that, female serial killers are generally working in a care-giving profession or role, such as: nurses, Sunday-school teachers, babysitters, or stay-at-home mothers. But what comes first, the profession or the urge to be a killer?

So, in closing, we need to be aware that both females as well of males are potential serial killers. In much the same way that females as well as males can be victims of rape, perpetrator of rape, domestic abuser as well as domestic abuse victim.

So, yes, boys and girls, both men as well of women are equal, and hey have always been equal. And that equality was legally mandated in 1963. Yes, that is the day when women were treated exactly the same way as men. However, we all know that women were treated equally all along, there were women that had the vote in the 1700’s, under the same rules that men had to comply with.

So, yes, women are serial killers also. Doesn’t that make you feel safer?