Why Do I Have A Weblog?


While, in general, I am not posting on my Weblog to bitch about women, in general. Some people may interpret my words to be bitching about women.

And while this Weblog is “for men, against feminism” it is, in general, not bitching about feminists. However, it may seem to me and other readers that I am just doing that– bitching about feminism.

I don’t know what to say about that.

It is never my intent to bitch about feminists, I seek to present information, with sources and everything, that certainly do not agree with everything that feminists say. But, in my defense, every source I reference is a legitimate refutation against the feminists cannot legitimately argue against.

So, there!

I imagine that I should have posted this when I had first posted on this Weblog. And although my very first post entitled “Greetings” was a scaled down version as to why I have this Weblog in the first place, I would like to expand this a bit.

The first thing you do is read that first posting, and I will expand that.

I had been an MRA since 1992. I was attending Kutztown University, and I had gone to a speaker. This woman was… well, she had pissed me off, with the words she had said, and the manner in which she had spoken. It was a feminist speaker that I disagreed with, and it was her feminism that she was practically radiating from herself that had me become an MRA. It took about a week after that speaker to form my well-defined position on feminism, and my pro-men perspective.

Now, I was married to my second wife in 1999– I had been married from 1984-1988, previously. And I had still been an MRA throughout the marriage.

But in 2011 I had a stroke. And because I was, and am, unable to work a job for more than 2-3 weeks before getting fired, my wife divorced me in 2013. And ever since I have been unencumbered by a wife or even a girlfriend.

Now, when I say that I cannot hold a job for more than 2-3 weeks, I really mean that. If I tell an employer that I have had a stroke, I am not hired. If I do not tell a prospective employer of my stroke, I will generally fuck something up, unintentionally, and get fired. In general, while I do not intend to do these things, my short-term memory is trashed, I need to ask the same questions and most people are not willing to explain things more than 2-3 times before they start getting upset.

Also, I cannot handle money at all. And, thus, I will not handle money. At all. People don’t like that fact, but then I tell them that because of my stroke, you do not want to trust me with money. Then I get fired.

So, in short, I am not disabled enough to get an instant job, but I am disabled enough to not work at a real job. Life sucks for me.

After I had thought about my second divorce, I had taken the “red pill”– became a MGTOW. In short, I will, and do, distance myself from women. I will interact with women when I need to, and I do not hate women, but I will treat them superficially and I will never have a girlfriend or a wife. If need be, I will visit a HOE (Horizontally Orientated Entertainment), because it will be much cheaper than a girlfriend or a wife.

So, here I am. I am relatively poor, but a poor single male is more wealthy than a poor married male.

And, realistically, the thing that saved my ass was my stroke. If I had not had a stroke, I would have payed out of the ass when the divorce hit. And be assured, my ex-wife had used my stroke as an excuse, she would have divorced me anyway. My stroke just pushed the decision before she was ready. But, because of my stroke, I was free and clear after the divorce. And that freedom is worth it to me. Even though I am partially brain-damaged due to the stroke.

And so, here I am, posting periodically whenever I am not busy.

Thank you for your time, and have a good day.

Being A Male College Student.


I had gone to University the first time in 1989. At that time, in my first University, it was mostly fair. There was no grade inflation, grades were not “on a curve” or anything of that type. There was absolutely no feminist influence of the University, the students were treated equally such that if a student couldn’t do the work, they failed. It was that simple.

My last University was in 2011. Now, the most recent University was in a different part of the country from my first University, so I am not comparing apples to apples. Rather, in my opinion I was comparing apples to hand grenades. My last University had rampant grade inflation, a strong feminist influence, and it seemed to me that it was nearly impossible to be a female and fail from a course.

So, in my opinion, the educational experience in 1989, when compared to 2011, were as different as day and night. The feminist influence had made it hard to be a male even in the University, especially since I was always a man, and I behaved exactly like a man. I expressed my masculinity, and the feminist agenda HATED me for that.

In addition, I was an older college student in 2011, and I really couldn’t be touched. This is because I had an assload of statistics on domestic violence and rape, and I would not tolerate anything that a feminist would say.

In one “briefing” about rape, I had asked the speakers “what about women who rape men?”, The presenter and some of the audience chuckled, until I unleashed my knowledge of rape statistics that approximately the same amount of female on male rape exists as does male on female rape. The presenter disagreed with me, and started to tell us about the number of rapes that occurred on a typical college campus.

I raised my hand again to speak, but the presenter ignored me. So I stood up and started to pack my stuff and the presenter told me that I was not allowed to leave as I had to sit here and hear her bullshit. I pointed out that her statistics are horribly inaccurate and if I was not allowed to present MY research (from the Uniform Crime Report) then I would leave this presentation, talk to the Administration, and get explain it to them.

The presenter had let me leave in frustration, I went to at least three Administrators and had explained how my statistics, from the Uniform Crime Report, had differed wildly from the presenters (false) statistics, and told them that the presenter had effectively silenced me in this “briefing”.

Essentially, I won. The “briefing” still exists, it still has these false statistics, but I was exempt from having to be in any such “briefings” because I was somewhat difficult.

I mention this because this is the sort of thing that happens to me, an older college student. I have no idea how they would have reacted if I had been a regular, younger, college student. In general, I do not think that the rules apply to me. I don’t only say that, but I act that way. The Administration has no idea how to handle me, because they Administration seems to know that this is how I feel, and what I know. So, the Administrators just give me a free pass.

Any college students that read these things will know that you are probably treated differently than me. That is, in part, because I am older than many professors, and many administrators. So when I say that their statistics on campus rape are wrong, they either listen to me, or they realize that I may be a handful of trouble if they ignore me. Either case I win. But the other college students may not be so lucky.

Once again, I have no useful advice for you. You are, on your own in this matter. But, for me, because I am willing to walk away from the university without a second thought, and because the university knows this, I have a bargaining chip.

Now, to be honest, I have always had this attitude, and it has always worked for me. Because before I went to university, I was in the military. And that may have had some influence. The administration had seen my records in any disagreement, and that may have always saved my ass. I don’t know.

But what I do know is that a male college student is in danger. The feminists could label you as a rapist, and it is only your word against her word. And most, maybe even all, of the time the female is believed rather than the man. And for THAT reason, it is dangerous to be a man in a university. But, since colleges have become high school, once you get through college you will be free from this bullshit.

Never date a college student.

Hmmm… I think that is all I need to say. You can always go outside the university, or possibly Horizontally Orientated Entertainment (HOE). Hell, when we look at the costs it is cheaper to visit a HOE than to be involved with a girlfriend.

But no matter what you do, never date a college student.

The Equal Pay Act Of 1963.


As I have mentioned previously. There is a belief amongst feminists that there is a so-called “wage gap” between the sexes. However, when men ask feminists for any sort of proof or verification that the wage gap exists, they generally sidestep the issue, claim that you are a misogynist, and say “shut the fuck up” without ever offering with any proof or verification.

Now, according the The Equal Pay Act of 1963, signed by JFK on 10 June 1963 {}. The sort of sex discrimination became illegal. Furthermore, as it was a federal statute, if you could show discrimination by this statute, a violation could throw you in prison, Real Big Federal Prison.

But, yet, the feminists pretty well ignore this statute. Probably because, in my opinion, the feminists talk a great deal but they say nothing of any consequence.

I give those people who think there is a wage gap a challenge:

Find twenty people, ten men and ten woman, who fulfill my criteria.

A man and a woman having the same education, graduating within six month from each other with the same exact degree, and with the same set of extracurricular activities.

The work in these jobs for no less than two years, working the same hours, same sick-time, vacation time, and the same jobs. That is, the man does not do any overtime unless the woman also works overtime, and vice-versa.

And after those two years of working in these jobs, we compare the wages of these twenty employees, these pairs of males and females in the same jobs and careers. Then we take a look.

If there is a trend that occurs between a real honest wage gap, then please tell me about it, because I am dying to hear about it.

Otherwise, yet again, I deny the existence of the wage gap.


Kirsten Baesler: A Female Abuser?


Now, this came through today, and a brief lookup on the Internet showed little information, but this is what I have.

Apparently, Kirsten Baesler, superintendent of public instruction, a “leader in North Dakota” who is semi-famous in political circles in North Dakota has been arrested for assaulting her fiancĂ©e this week. And is now headed to trial on assault charges.

Yes, I have said this correctly, SHE has been accused of abusing HIM.

Now, it seem to be that she has been the perpetrator of abuse in the past, particularly in Florida as well as in North Dakota. You can read some more information on following websites {http://sayanythingblog.com/entry/superintendent-kirsten-baesler-arrested-domestic-violence/} {http://www.bakkentoday.com/event/article/id/38286/} {http://www.grandforksherald.com/news/region/3679945-nd-education-leader-kirsten-baesler-arrested-domestic-violence-assault} {http://1047mix.com/news/articles/2015/feb/16/baesler-arrested-for-domestic-violence/}

In my opinion, she sounds like a dangerous bitch in a position of power and authority.

The Battle Between The Sexes.


The first question I need to ask is this: Is there, indeed, a war on men? Now, the only source I have is really in my own mind. And although my interactions with people are somewhat limited, in my opinion, and in my observations on the world, I do have to say that there is a war on men in the United States, Canada, and Europe.

However, I will assume that there is a war on men, that the battle between men and women is alive and well, for good or bad.

Recently, according to the Pew Research Center, the percentage of women aged 18-34 say that having a successful marriage is one of the most important component in their lives. And that statistic has risen nine percentage points over the previous five years — from 28 percent to 37 percent.

Now, for men, the opposite had occurred from 35 percent to 29 percent.

So, for whatever reasons, modern women want to get married, but men do not want to get married.

So, the scarcity of “good men” (also known as “marriageable men”) has been in the media over the past few years. And much of the coverage by the media coverage has been a response by the fact that women have become the majority of the U.S. workforce. Additionally, women are getting more college degrees. These two facts are the primary reasons that things have changed between men and women over the past few years.

One response by men is that they no longer want to get married. Actually, more and more men are willing to say that they will never get married.


The response to that question is that “women have changed”. Not only that, but that women have changed for the worse.

And again, I will place the vast majority of that change on the shoulders of the feminists. Ever since the “sexual revolution”, the dynamics between men and women have changed. But in my opinion, men have not changed very much, but women have changed drastically.

Women have become angry. They have also become defensive. And the sad thing is that many women are not aware of their anger nor their defensiveness. That is because women have been raised to consider men as being the enemy.

See, one upon a time, there were men on their pedestals and there were women on their pedestals. Now, the feminists will tell us that there were no women’s pedestals, but that is nonsense.

So, both men and women were on their own pedestals until the women pushed the men off of the male pedestals, climbed on them to take what they had come to believe was rightfully theirs.

But now, the men have nowhere to go.

And the idea that “women are good” and “men are bad” has cause a great deal of discord amongst the sexes to the point that the relationship between men and women has been destroyed.

But, for some reason, somehow, men are to blame for anything that goes sideways in a relationship. It seems to me that a man is always to blame for any problem, that women are never to blame.

But, what if the scarcity of good, marriageable, men, and the battle between the sexes, is women’s fault?

The media will never say that thing. Ever. Almost all of the books and articles that have been put women in the front and center of the spotlight, with man and children as window decorations.

But recently, after having been beaten down by women, by the media, the the sit-coms, by most of the movies, men are getting tired of hearing and seeing these messages that they have been receiving for approximately forty years. Men are getting tired that because they are male that there is something fundamentally and inherently wrong with them, the way they think, that they do not feel in the proper manner, that all men are pigs.

Men are getting tired of seeing and hearing that if a woman is unhappy, that it is his fault.

Now, in my opinion, women do not threaten men. Men are not threatened by women in any way. MEN GET PISSED OFF. men have been undermined their ability to become self-sufficient and in the hopes of, someday, supporting a family. Men do want to love women, not to compete with them. Men want to provide for and protect their families. Men have a genetic programming to do that.

But modern women will not allow them to do that.

And this, ultimately, hurts women more than it hurts men. For, you see, feminism favors men more than it favors women. Men can have sex without responsibility. And for that, we should thank feminism.

It is the women that will lose in this battle of the sexes. Not only are women restrained with the consequences of sex, but by dismissing the male nature outright, women are forever seeking a well-balanced life. Women NEED men’s linear career goals. Women NEED men to pick up the slack at the office. Women need men to live the balanced life they have lost.

So, if men have become slackers, if men have been escaping from marriage, women should look into the mirror and ask yourself what role you have played to bring about this transformation.

The Double Standard.


We have been told that once upon a time, men were in charge, women were subservient, all was good for men. This idyllic past was full of butterflies and puppy-dog farts, and everything for men was happy. Of course that is all bullshit, because even when men were “in charge” the men had to work their asses off, in general, to support a wife. And a man that wasn’t married… well, that was an oddity.

And in those mythological times, things changed. I believe that it was president Wilson that struck a deal with the devil that started the ball rolling to giving the women of the United States to female suffrage. And eventually, women had the right to vote, but the women had absolutely no obligations. And as we know, when someone has a right but has no obligation, that is a disaster waiting to happen.

And starting during the 1970’s, the pendulum has started swinging and had started to go too far. Because in the 1970’s it started to become not only acceptable and funny to watch women hit, scratch, and verbally abuse men. I started to see this in sit-coms in the 1970’s, I saw these things in the advertisements in the 1970’s. These images were mild at first, and since I do not watch television anymore, and during the 1980’s my television watching was very limited. The brief images I see on television, it has gotten worse than ever, and it is only getting worse every day.

Now, if a man treated a woman in the same exact manner that a woman treats a man, the viewers would call that abuse. But when a women does ANYTHING to a man, that is acceptable.


And for the most part, most people do not see the obvious abuse.

Now, when normal society was perceived to be stacked against women, we, as a society, had worked to change that situation. But now, when those very forces of change are noticing that men are abused by women, when women are justifying their behavior for abusing men, why?

The state of women today is like no other period in history. The wage gap has not existed since the 1960’s, contrary to what feminists believe in their delusions. As of five or more years ago, more women than men receive a paycheck. Women are doing better than men academically. And as men retire, there will be more women working in those professional fields than men.

And now it is time for the pendulum to swing back and possibly equalize. Perhaps open discrimination against men in the courts, at work, and at schools will once again not be good for the United States. Now, as the United States has fought against negative portrayals of women in the media, we need to look hard at the negative portrayals of men so that we have true equality so that we do not set up the situation for our future for failure.

A Brief Post Concerning Valentine’s Day


As I have said recently, Valentine’s Day is a farce.

So, those of you who have a female “significant other”, I have a simple question:

What are you going to do about this?

For me, since I am a MGTOW, I am not going to anything at all about Valentine’s Day. And since Valentine’s Day is the worst day to visit a restaurant, I am not even going to a restaurant, for my own safety.

Again, I say to all men.