My Manly Work.


I have finally fixed my car, today.

Once upon a time, approximately 27 years ago, I had three old (1971, 1972, and 1973) Volkswagens. A standard Beetle, a Superbeetle, and a “microbus”. Those old VWs were the only automobiles I had ever worked on, until last week. I have a 1999 Toyota Corolla, and I am the original owner of the thing. In my opinion, the Toyota Corolla is nearly indestructible. For example, I STILL have the original muffler on the car, after sixteen years.


Now, about two years ago, I started leaking power steering fluid, such that I had to refill it periodically, wherein a quart would last me about 2-3 months, depending how far I had driven. This was, of course, a pain in the ass. But, I didn’t have the money to take it to a mechanic, so I endured. Recently, I had saved enough money, I had thought, to pay a mechanic to fix it.

Now, I told three different mechanics that I had the part, and all they needed to do was replace the hose. The three mechanics told me that they would charge me from $190 + tax to $250 +tax. OK, I may have had a stroke in the past, but I am not stupid. I bought the part I needed, I bought some tools, on, and from O’Reilly’s (the place I bought the part from), and watched some appropriate videos on And when it was warm enough (in North Dakota), I started in.

In my opinion, it was difficult and frustrating for me, but it was far better than paying an overpriced mechanic to do it for me. I had all sorts of problems, the one end of the hose was nearly inaccessible, and I had to buy another tool to get to the bolt. Even so, I could only turn that bold 1/6 of a turn at a time before I had to reposition the tool. And, because of my stroke, I had to stop when I had an obstacle so I can think about it. And I had missed a day because I was broken up by my cat dying on Monday night, and I had a medical procedure on Tuesday morning.

But on Wednesday 15 April 2015 at approximately 1:30 PM I had replaced the power steering fluid hose, filled it up with power steering fluid, tightened that damnable bolt until it stopped leaking, and I was done.

Yes, it took a long time for me in this task, as I kept misplacing tools and having to look for them again and again. But I did overcome my stroke-induced brain damage, and I eventually got the thing fixed.

OK, for me, this is an accomplishment. I was, and still, nervous about doing repairs to my Toyota. There are too many gizmos to have to work around to get to anything on the car. And I was, and am, concerned that I will break something other than what I working on. But in this task, I have done the deed and that is, in my opinion and observation, what men do well.

Men make attempts to fix something that they barely understand, and old men, in general, do the research they need to do what they want to do. I was without a car for three days as I was making repairs on my car, and I came out it successful. Other men out there can, and probably do, the very sort of thing that I have just done. In general, men are natural mechanics, we like to take things apart and put things back together again. We take apart our computers when they have died in the hopes that they can salvage SOMETHING from that dead computer. That is, in my opinion, the nature of manliness. We do thing to try and learn something, and maybe, sometimes, we actually learn something from that experience.

Men do not take the safe route, we are not daredevils, but we are explorers. We fail at times, but we succeed at times, and that makes it all worth while.

In Memory Of Mister Fluffy.


At approximately 11:45PM on 13 April 2015, Mister Fluffy, my oldest cat of twenty years old, was euthanized. Mister Fluffy had not suffered long, he jumped down from his chair, walked half way across the floor, said “meow” and laid down.

At his “meow” as was there in an instant, I put him on my chair, and I looked HARD at him, and I had realized that it was time for him to die. While I called my veterinarian, Mister Fluffy started twitching, the Veterinarian came to my apartment in about fifteen minutes, and “put him to sleep”.

Like I said, he went from good to bad in about a half an hour, and then before long, he was dead. Not much pain, not much suffering.

My ex-wife had rescued the cat when Mister Fluffy was about two years old. Thus, I had been around this particular cat for the past eighteen years, I got the cat after my divorce, so, I was Mister Fluffy’s human, and Mister Fluffy was my cat.


Every day for the past two years, I had given Mister Fluffy a piece of bacon/sausage for breakfast (sorry, mother, I never let you know that), and Mister Fluffy LOVED to lick out the bowl when I had ice cream. I spoiled my two cats rotten, because after my divorce, and because of my stroke, they were all I had.

Shodan, the other cat, is still around, and I hope that she lasts to twenty years old, or longer.

I think in about a month, I will consider getting a kitten as a companion for Shodan… I don’t know about that yet, though.


Good bye Mister Fluffy, we have traveled back and forth across the United States over the past eighteen years Oregon, Colorado, Tennessee, North Dakota, Utah, Pennsylvania, and finally to North Dakota. We had good times and bad times, but we were always there for each other. In this particular instant, I know I did the right thing when I had you euthanized. I am only sorry that you had to suffer even a little bit in the end.

Good bye Mister Fluffy, although I had been dreading this day, I had also been anticipating this day since Pennsylvania. I will miss you dearly, for you were always a faithful companion for me, and I hope that I was a faithful companion for you.

Good Bye.


Why Have Men Been Demonized?


Now, I have probably said this sort of thing before in this weblog, but we all know that once upon a time, men were honored for being men. And when I say that, I am not saying that men were rapists, pigs , ant the things that feminists say we are. When I say we were men, or more properly, we were real men. This, however, was prior to the late 1960’s, when feminism took its strangle on society. Then men became less than men, and men became less than human.

In today’s society, men are the first person we look at when we talk about domestic violence, rape, murder, and practically any legitimate crime in the United States. However, the truth of the matter is that approximately equal amounts of women do the same crimes as men do. The particulars of the crimes are different, but the end result is that women perpetuate domestic violence against men, women commit murders against men, women rape men, all in the same way that men do these crimes. In addition to that, when women get caught, women receive less harsher punishments than men, for the same exact crimes.

But, I digress.

Once upon a time, prior to the 1960’s, men were honored for being men. That was because men went to work in dangerous professions, or important professions, or dirty professions. And in that time, women, generally, didn’t need to work. The tax rate was relatively low, and the man earned enough money to provide for his wife. And when women did need to work, the jobs were, and currently still are, safe, clean, and comfortable.

Men were considered to be the heroes, to come and save the day, sort of like James Bond, when the going got tough. We did not certainly laugh at men. And men didn’t laugh at women, either. In our current society, a man is generally viewed as comic relief, with a serious women character.

Men are expected to punish themselves in their jobs, and get laughed at by sitcoms as the jokes they became. And the sad thing is that some (most?) men have accepted that label for some reason. Even more shocking, some men, for some reason, became manginas when third-wave feminism started. These are the men that are feminists, they defend feminism, and they, probably, do this because they see that as a way to get some sex from the feminists.

But, I have grown up with feminism, I see its true nature. As I have said before, feminism, contrary to its “official definition” is certainly not about equality, at least third-wave feminism is not about equality. If it WAS anything to do with equality, it would have a different name other than FEMINISM. That “fem” part screams women, it has absolutely nothing to do with men. Thus,it is concerned about women only, and just forget about men.

Men are currently expected to die working, men have none of the thousands of privileges that women get, men only have a single purpose. To die. That is because men have become expendable.

I have heard that feminism died, officially, in 1997 when Monica Lewinski “honked on bobo” with Bill Clinton. The resulting reaction by feminists to Bill Clinton a free pass on that is what officially killed feminism. Some say that feminism is merely twitching in its death throes. Now, I do not know that it is necessarily true, but I can hope. Which means all this nonsense that feminism has done since 1997 is going to go away.

I hope.

However, there is a glimmer of hope. Men have finally taken notice of the we have been treated by women, and by society. The men’s movement is stirring, the men’s movement is waking up, slowly. Men need to be aware of the situation, and the men that need to be in this men’s movement need the people of my generation. The men that grew up with feminism, and the men that know the true nature of feminism.

Yes, there are people that are younger that know that feminism is wrong, and those men are probably on the front lines of the men’s movement. But it is the men that are fifty-years-old, and older, that need to be in the men’s movement. People of my generation need to be in the men’s movement.

I was an MRA/MRM (Mens Rights Movement / Men’s Rights Activist), but I became an MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way} immediately after my divorce. And I need other men, of any age, to reflect on what you know of feminism, not the dictionary definition of feminism, but the true nature of feminism that is pro-woman and anti-men. I need for you to think hard and choose your side, and there are only three side, stand with the women, stand with the men, or get out of the way.


Let’s Talk, Again, About Men As Teachers.


I have mad two previous postings about this issue before, here and here.

Let us continue on the statistics that I have seen about men as teachers.

Before I continue, I should say that most of these statistics come from The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. Thus, these statistics are, in my opinion, more trustworthy than, for example, anything that the feminists generally produce.

In 2013, the statistics for men are:

  • 5.2% as Child Care,
  • 10.8% as Teaching Assistants,
  • 2.2% as Preschool and Kindergarten,
  • 19% as Elementary and Middle School, and
  • 43.3% as Secondary School Teachers.

Thus, we seem to be seeing that men are essentially excluded from being teachers except in High Schools. And even then, the woman are a majority in High Schools. Now, from my experience, when I was in school, there were always men as teachers, even in Elementary School. But as gynocentrism took a death grip on society, men have either not been hired, or have decided that is no longer worth the effort.

Also, with the number of female teachers “bumping uglies” with their male students, the excuse that “all men are rapists” and cannot be trusted around the children, belies the whole notion that women are any different than men.

I imagine that there are men who want to teach elementary school, and they want to do this because the men want to pass on their experience and knowledge to the population, before the boys and girls get “ruined” by false impressions. There are men that really want to teach, and they want to teach because they are good people. Personally, I can understand the mind set. I have taught in a college and a university, and I can understand the men that wish to teach.

Now, to continue with the statistics:

Concerning male teachers in the United States public school system in 2013, states with the largest percentage of male teachers were:

  1. Kansas 33.1%
  2. Oregon 30.7%
  3. Vermont 30.2%

States with the lowest percentage of male teachers were:

  1. Virginia 17.4%
  2. Mississippi 18.3%
  3. Louisiana 18.4%
  4. South Carolina 18.6%
  5. Georgia 20.0%

With an overall amount of male teachers throughout the United States being 24.1%

However, there is some small hope for prospective male teachers. The top five universities that produce male teachers:

Southern Illinois University Carbondale
University of Central Florida
Bowling Green State University-Main Campus
Mississippi State University
Arizona State University

The top five schools where men are not outnumbered:

Citadel Military College of South Carolina
West Virginia University
SUNY College at Brockport
Grambling State University
George Mason University

The two lists above come from here.

OK, I have thrown up a bit of information for you. I know that since most teachers are women is very bad for boys. I know that we need male teachers at all levels of education, because a women DOES NOT UNDERSTAND BOYS. Only a male can deal with boys effectively. All a woman can do in to force the school nurse and parents into forcing the boys to take Ritalin or some other mind affecting agent, which is always bad for the boys.

We need to take care our boys effectively. And the schools have not been doing this for many years.

This Is Coming From The “You Have Got To Be Kidding Me Department”; Feminists Want To Ban Clapping.


OK, this not new, but it is still a recent thing that has come down the pike. (As an aside, the correct word is PIKE and not PIPE)

It seems that a bunch of feminists from The National Union Of Students (NUS) Women Students’ Conference has said something totally batshit crazy. According the NUS Twitter feed:

“Some delegates are requesting that we move to jazz hands rather than clapping, as it’s triggering anxiety. Please be mindful! #nuswomen15

— NUS Women’s Campaign (@nuswomcam) March 24, 2015″

Yes, just try to wrap your mind around that while reading these other Twitter posts:

“Can we not clap? Pretty anxious and its putting me on edge also distracting. #nuswomen15

— ellie b-wasteman (@elliebweezy) March 24, 2015″

“@nuswomcam please can we ask people to stop clapping but do feminist jazz hands? it’s triggering some peoples’ anxiety. thank you!

— OUSUWomen’sCampaign (@womcam) March 24, 2015″

And the batshit crazy didn’t stop there, the NUS LGBT has some issues concerning some white gay men have started acting like black women. The white gay men have apparently adopted the mannerisms, language, and phrases that can be attributed as black women. Now, in my opinion on this issue, since I am a white heterosexual male, I have no personal interest in THIS issue. But, the feminists have become unhinged in this matter.

But, back the point of this posting.

What the fuck? What the fucking fuck is going on here? Are feminists traumatized by CLAPPING? It seems to me that this sort of nonsense has reached to the point that clapping is being seriously considered as some type of evil “trigger warning”, and the only way to correct this by men using “jazz hands”. Jazz Hands, really? This is either a bad joke or the feminists have gone around the bend and have started to lose a grip on reality!

Also, there is a substantial evidence that suggests that avoidance of triggers can cause severe damage to coping mechanisms, and that confronting the triggers is the best way of dealing with the issues. PTSD, and I mean real PTSD, is best treated by confronting their fears rather than avoiding their fears.

To be honest, after hearing about this issue, I am going to clap more frequently. If I knew that by clapping the feminists would shut up and go away, I would have started doing it in 1992!

Hey, Lets Look At Another Common Myth; Voting And Women.


The feminists have told us that once upon a time, only men could vote, and then women were given the vote after World War One. That entire scenario is a fabrication, and I will explain it to you.

Once upon a time, as late as the Bill Of Rights, not all men were permitted to vote. Under the Constitution, it was up to each state to determine who could vote. And, for the most part, only people who owned property, or had taxable income, were permitted to vote. I need to stress that I said “PEOPLE”, and women were permitted to vote, providing that the woman in question owned property, or had taxable income. And also, men that did not own property, or had taxable income, were not permitted to vote.

In addendum, I must point out that that was before the sixteenth amendment to the constitution was even considered. So the concept of taxable income in the past is far different from taxable income today.

Also, women were permitted to vote before all men were permitted to vote, as early as Colonial times:

“In 1647, Margaret Brent of Maryland colony assumed her right to vote…”

“Deborah Moody, in 1655, cast a vote in New Netherlands (which later became New York). She had the right to vote because she had a land grant in her own name.”

“Unknown. New Jersey gave “all inhabitants” and thus women the right to vote in its state constitution, 1776…”

“September 6, 1870: Louisa Ann Swain, Laramie, Wyoming. (source: “Women of Achievement and Herstory,” Irene Stuber)”

“Ellen Annette Martin, 1869. (Source: Early Illinois Women timeline, Alliance Library System, Illinois. Link no longer working.)”

“in a municipal election in Illinois: Clara Colby. (Source: Illinois General Assembly resolution 90_HR0311)”

For the most part, women have voted in California, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, New Hampshire, New York, Oregon, Texas, Utah, West Virginia, Wyoming. All before the suffragette movement.

However, the difference between a man having the vote and a woman having the vote is that the price that men need to pay for their vote is conscription. Men MUST apply for the draft, women do not. Men must pat the ultimate price in a war, women to not. Men must earn their vote, we have GIVEN the vote for women, for free.

So, those feminists that claim the women have been given the vote relatively recently is total bullshit.

Just saying…