Actually 70% of Young Men Are Not Getting Married.


On 21 March 2015, I had posted a statistic that had claimed that Approximately 50% of adult people are not getting married. This means that approximately 50% of men are not getting married. Now in that original article, I made an very erroneous claim that it meant that 25% of men are not getting married, so I need to modify my reasoning on this point, and start thinking a bit clearer.

Since 50% of the US is not getting married, and since for every male that is not getting married, then the fact is that 50% of man and 50% of women are not getting married. I had gotten confused my changing percentages to raw number unnecessarily. Thus, my updated information is valid.

However, if we look at the demographics of the males from ages 20-34, within that demographics, 70% of the men are not getting married.

You should look at that statistic. At around 35 years-old, a man’s “big head” starts overriding his “little head”. So, my claim for the future is that these men are probably never going to get married. Unless, of course, a woman tricks her into married.

Now, what does that mean for society?

Well, these men will not have to worry about the future of society, because no marriage means no “fornication trophies” (children) so these men won’t have to think of these things. The men will not need as much money as a married person, so these men will not have to work dangerous jobs for more pay.

We can let the women start working dangerous jobs for a change. Feminism has been telling us that any woman can work at a job a man can work. So, let them. Let them be sewage workers, coal miners, fire fighters, construction laborers. Let the woman fight forest fires, be in the military under combat. Let them work at the dangerous and dirty jobs that only men willingly work to support the lifestyle of a wife.

Let the men start taking it easy. Since we are not getting married, since they get to keep what they earn, then men don’t really need as much money as a woman does. Let us, simply, be men!

Now, in my own experience: I had a stroke in September 2011, and it has affected my cognitive abilities adversely. Now, while I may don’t write like I have had a stroke, when I tell you that it takes me a long time to create every posting on this weblog, sometimes days, you may understand. I do not have a hard time in getting a job, but I always get fired in two to three weeks, because of my stroke. Thus, I am on disability. And let me tell you that I get a pittance from SSI/disability, but I survive quite well. The last time I “ate out” was on Veterans Day, and that was because I am a veteran and the meals were free for me. But other than that, it is always cheaper to cook at home. Always.

So, men, you do not need that much income to survive quite well. Let the women be equal as the feminists claim, and let them work the hard jobs. And if that happens, women will start appreciating men in about six months, or less.

Men, Women, And Nurses.


Now, while this was influenced by a Canadian article. However, since Canada is, essentially– and I am sorry about saying this– the northern suburb of the United States.

Ever since feminism reared its ugly head, the medical professions have moved from a male-dominated profession to one that which medical school spaces are equally shared by both males and females. Now some nurses want their profession to take it in the same manner. That is, the nurses want to change it from a female dominated into a profession that is shared by both males and females equally.

In 2001– yes it is an old article, but it is still valid– female nurses outnumber males by approximately 19-to-1. Now, while men have, for the most part, broken into female-dominated professions. The profession of nursing has pretty well left alone.

Now, some women view their profession as a symbol of women’s struggle to find a field that is respected and valued as a professional, and thus believe that nursing should still remain as a female field. However, their is a need to recruit men actively into all areas in the profession of nursing. A man who chooses to be a nurse would, in my opinion, a good thing for both men and women. {}

So, women have starting to take offense that there are very little men in nursing. And some people are trying to get men to be nurses. Now, in my personal experiences, I agree with this assessment. I have to to the VA about 2-3 times a month for blood tests and counseling, and other than the phlebotomists at the VA, I do not see any men in nursing. Now, that is not to say that there ARE no men as nurses, since I don’t see very many departments within the VA, but if the sexes were equally represented, then I would notice it, and I don’t.

But why would a man want to be a nurse rather than be a “real doctor”. MONEY. Yes, doctors make an assload of money. But it takes an assload of time and money to become a doctor. And with the coming disaster of Obamacre, it really isn’t a good idea to be a doctor now, and perhaps it will never be a good time to be a doctor in the United States ever again.

So, it is easier to become a nurse than being a doctor, at least for a rational man. And if you are an RN, you are in a better position than a LPN. And an RN has some administrative duties and have a more stable working hours. And, as I have said, it would be far easier to be an RN as a male since men are inherently more rational than women, in my opinion.

So, those of you who are starting in your careers, if you are in college and want to take a look into what it takes to be a RN, perhaps you may want to look into it.

just saying…

What’s the State’s Interest in this Boy’s Foreskin?


I have read an article wherein the following events had occurred:

There was this woman, in Florida, that had a male child. The mother, rightly, refused to circumcise the male child.

So, fast forward to approximately four years.

The mother was told that the agreement between the mother and father had agreed to circumcise the child as a baby, the woman had refused and has now an arrest warrant by Circuit Judge Jeffery Dana Gillen. But, why? Apparently, the father and the mother had never been married, although in 2012, they had signed a “parenting plan” that had explicitly said that the infant would be circumcised, and the father would make the arrangements. However, the mother had later decided to not snip the child. And as a result, the father took her to court.

However, in Florida, a “parenting plan” is supposed to apply “in all cases involving time-sharing with minor children, even when time-sharing is not in dispute.” A “parenting plan” is not an instrument for this type of procedure. So, why is the court even getting concerned with this issue? Why in the hell does the state want to enforce this contract that is not an issue in the contract?

There is no religious need by either party to circumcise the child for either the mother or the father. However, the father wants his child to be circumcised, but the mother doesn’t. However, his reason to circumcise the child is that it is “just the normal thing to do.” However, the father didn’t start pressing the issue until 2013, two years after the birth of the child.

However, in an emergency motion that was filled last week, the FOUR-YEAR OLD CHILD is aware of what is happening and is, rightfully, terrified of getting his penis cut.

So, as thing stand now, a mental health professional, probably a social worker rather than a real mental health professional, will evaluate the boy, and an independent guardian will be appointed to represent the boy’s interests. {}
OK, I don’t know who is right or who is wrong in this issue. On the one hand, I do support men’s rights, and father’s rights. On the other hand, circumcision is absolutely WRONG, and I applaud the woman for not having the boy circumcised. Also, the child is self aware, and not a baby anymore, and the boy understands what may happen.

Additionally, this is not a legitimate part of the “parenting plan” in Florida, so it is not a legitimate part of the contract.

Now, for my own opinion is although I was circumcised fifty years ago, I had started resenting that I had been circumcised approximately 25-30 years ago. I now believe that circumcision is a barbaric practice that has occurred for the wrong reasons, and the future generations have continued the practice because the father generally wants these boys to “look like their fathers”. So the myths of circumcision continues, mostly.

Now, I have no idea how many boys are circumcised at birth, an I really don’t want to know. But I would imagine that a HOE (Horizontally Oriented Entertainer) would know. I would like to know that in 2015, we have crawled out of the dark ages and we do not circumcise our babies anymore.

So, who is right in this case and who is wrong?


Yet Again, Considering The (Non-Existent) Gender Wage Gap.


I try to not write about this, but I have received comments again and again that there is a “gender wage gap”, even though I keep saying that there is no such thing since 1963. But yet the feminists harpies keep insisting that it exists. So, Lets go though this nonsense yet again, and maybe some day I will just stop writing about it.

So, again…

This is one piece of fiction that the feminists keep insisting exists, contrary to the evidence that myself, the federal government, and the job market has presented time and time again. Even President Obama has stated that the gender wage gap exists, even though the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics says otherwise. In that case, when he makes stupid statements that contradict supported statistics by his own government, make Obama look like a fool and an idiot.

So, for whatever reason, the feminists claim, and their supporters, claim that women make 77 cents on the dollar when compared to men. I have heard this since grade school, and most Americans have also heard this since grade school. Actually, the only people who seem to disagree with this statistic are the actual economists who have studied the issue.

And, you know, if the employers actually believe these things, and the employers, the “evil evil corporations” love money so much, why do they even hire men when they can hire a woman to the same exact thing for 23% cheaper?

The truth of that matter is that jobs are not homogeneous.

The so-called wage gap is NOT consistent across industries. Let us consider some information:

A female model gets paid TEN times as much than a male model.

Forbes ran an article that was based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics entitled “15 Jobs Where Women Earn More Than Men“. Are you trying to tell me that these industries where women are payed more than men are the only non-sexist people in the entire country?

The Huffington Post ran an article based on census data entitled “The 11 Cities Where Women Out-Earn Men By the Biggest Margin“.

According to Warren Farrel, the 2003 Census Bureau Current Population Survey had showed that “when women and man had worked less that 40 hours a week, the women had earned more than men” wherein women had earned 134% for 25-34 hours and 107% for 35-39 hours, when compared to men.

Also, differences in wages do not imply that there is any discrimination. Asian-Americans get payed more than whites. Japanese-Americans get payed more than Koreans-Americans. And lesbian women get payed more than straight women. Jesus Christ On A Popsicle Stick! This does not imply that there is any discrimination.

Men and women often have different career goals.

Men’s educational goals are very different than women’s educational goals. What men want from a job, generally, is very different from what women want from a job. In general, when a man gets a MBA, it is his intent to work through the corporate ladder, hopefully becoming President or CEO of a public or private company. Women MBAs have ranked management consulting, executive vice-president, and non-profit executive management as being the women’s aspirations. So, men expect to hold top leadership positions, thus, for women it is still the exception.

Men tend to work dangerous jobs with hazard pay. That is why men are approximately 93% of workplace fatalities. There is a paper that explained the differences in employment that are not found in the raw numbers. However, the 77%-ers only take raw numbers into account. For example:

More men go into technology and into the hard sciences

More men tend to work more stressful jobs and, in general, do not work 9-to-5 jobs

More men are more likely to work longer hours, and that will increase the so-called wage gap for every hour past 40 hours a week.

Women are more likely than men to have gaps in their careers. Generally this is because of having children. And in all things, less experience equals lower pay.

In general, married women would rather work part time at about a 5 to 1 over married men. Additionally, women over 25 years of age have held their current job on an average of 4.4 years, but a male in the same demographic has held that job for 5 years. Pay raises come with seniority.

In general, women do not go into jobs with a high obsolescence. If you take a five year break to raise children, when you go back to work, if you had worked as a computer engineer, you are well and truly fucked. You need to go way back and essentially start over again. But if women was a teacher, a librarian, or other such type of occupation, you can jump right in and start doing it again right away. And, believe it or not, computer engineers make more money than librarians.

And if we look at never-married women when compared never-married men, the “wage gaps” not only disappears, it has entirely flipped. Since 1971, never-married women have earned more than never-married men. So when compared to these never-married people, THERE IS NO WAGE GAP. And even in unmarried college educated sector, the women earn more than the men.

A study by the CONSAD Research Corp. for the US Department of Labor found that once they controlled for the variables, there was “an adjusted gender wage gap that is between 4.8 percent and 7.1 percent“.

A study by June and Dave O’Neill for the National Bureau of Economic Research found that “… the gender gap largely stems from choices made by women and men concerning the amount of time and energy devoted to a career

Warren Farrell conducted a thorough study reported in his book Why Men Earn More and found no evidence of a wage gap.

A 1983 study by Walter E. Williams and the aforementioned 1981 study by Walter Block discredit the idea that the wage gap is caused by discrimination.

Carrie Lukas notes that “In a 2010 study of single, childless urban workers between the ages of 22 and 30, the research firm Reach Advisors found that women earned an average of 8% more than their male counterparts“.

And even PolitFact has rated that Barack Obama’s claim concerning the wage gap was a total piece of bullshit.

In closing, I would like to state that even the white house pays only 88 cents on the dollar for woman when compared to men, except for the fact that Hillary Clinton herself had only paid women 72 cents on the dollar when compared to men.

Just saying…

Let’s Talk About Circumcision.


OK, I would like to say some things about circumcision. First off, since I am approximately fifty-years old, and was, thus, born during the “dark ages”, I was circumcised very near birth. Now, although I was too young to remember that invasion by the doctors, I have heard newborns screaming their heads off immediately after having been circumcised. So when a doctor, of other type of circumciser assure me that the child doesn’t feel it, I call BULLSHIT on that.

Myth 1: they are “only” just cutting off a flap of skin.

Oh, that is certainly not true. They remove the foreskin, which is not merely a flap of skin. The foreskin is approximately half of the penis’s skin; that is in no way shape of form “just a flap”. In the adult male, the foreskin is approximately fifteen square inches of skin. In babies, the foreskin is adhered to the head of the penis with the same type of tissue that adheres fingernails to their nail beds. When the doctor removes the foreskin, it requires shoving a blunt probe between the foreskin and the head of the penis, cutting down and around the entire penis.

Myth 2: It does not hurt the infant.

As I have said before, that is a damn lie. in 1997, Canadian doctors had done a study to see what type of anesthesia was most effective in relieving the pain of a circumcision. In a legitimate study, they had to have a control group. The control group had been given no anesthesia. The doctors had quickly realized that the babies that were not anesthetized were in so much pain that it would be unethical to continue with the study. Some of the babies in the study were in such pain that the babies had began chocking, and even one baby had had a seizure.

Myth 3: My doctor uses anesthesia.

Some do, some do not. Most newborns do not receive adequate anesthesia. Only approximately 45% of doctors who do circumcisions use any anesthesia at all. Obstetricians perform about 70% of circumcisions and are the least likely to use anesthesia — about 25% of the time. And why dont doctors use anesthesia? In general, they didn’t think the procedure was warranted, and it takes too long.

Myth 4: Even if it is painful, the baby will not remember it.

The human body is a historical repository and remembers everything. The pain of a circumcision causes a rewiring of the baby’s brain so that he is more sensitive to pain later. Circumcision can also cause post traumatic stress disorder, depression, anger, low self-esteem, and problems with intimacy. Even though the baby has no explicit memory and the inability to protest– does that make it right to inflict pain? Ethical guidelines for animal research require them, whenever possible, to behave in a certain manner to the animals — do babies deserve anything less?

Myth 5: My baby slept right through it.

This is absolute unadulterated bullshit. It in not possible without total anesthesia, which is not available. Even the dorsal penile nerve block leaves the underside of the penis receptive to pain. Some babies go into shock, and although that shock may cause the baby to appear to be calm and in a quiet state, is actually the body’s reaction to the intense pain and distress. Now, some nurses often tell the parents that “He slept right through it” to keep the parents calm. But, really, who would want to hear that his or her baby was screaming in agony?

Myth 6: It does not cause the baby any long-term harm.

Oh really? The removal of healthy tissue of a non-consenting patient is harm. Circumcision has a long list of risks and side effects. In general, there in a 1%-3& complication rate during the procedure itself. Here is a short list of potential complications:

Meatal Stenosis: Many circumcised boys and men suffer from meatal stenosis. This is a narrowing of the urethra which can interfere with urination and require surgery to fix.

Adhesions: Circumcised babies can suffer from adhesions, where the foreskin remnants try to heal to the head of the penis in an area they are not supposed to grow on. Doctors treat these by ripping them open with no anesthesia.

Buried penis: Circumcision can lead to trapped or buried penis – too much skin is removed, and so the penis is forced inside the body. This can lead to problems in adulthood when the man does not have enough skin to have a comfortable erection. Some men even have their skin split open when they have an erection.

Infection: The circumcision wound can become infected. This is especially dangerous now with the prevalence of hospital-acquired multi-drug resistant bacteria.

Death: Babies can even die of circumcision. Over 100 newborns die each year in the USA, mostly from loss of blood and infection.

Really, isn’t it time to think more carefully about whether we should be circumcising our boys?


In Today’s Society, People Are Not Getting Married.


OK, this posting is based on some information about six to nine months ago, but it seems only slightly more relevant today.

Apparently, less people are getting married. More than fifty percent (50%) of the adult population is unmarried. looking at this critically, since it takes two individuals to constitute a marriage, then 25% of men and 25% of women will not marry. Also, since the majority of marriages are between male-female pairings, I will ignore the male-male and female-female marriages. To be honest, I really couldn’t care less about this piece of information, as I have escaped my marriage relatively unscathed in April 2013. But let us examine what has been going on in society and try to figure this thing out.

Of course, as you could imagine. I do place some of this event firmly on the feminists, to some extent. But let us delve deeper into the mystery.

We cannot deny that feminism has taken its hold on the United States, with legislation such as this whole damnable “yes means yes” nonsense, with the feminists saying that there is a wage gape between men and women, that the hypergamous nature of women and the fact that since the 1980’s there are more female college graduates in the United States than men. The family courts are heavily in favor of the females. And there are probably even more factors that we can directly point at and see the feminists claw marks.

According to the Pew Research Center survey in 22-25 May 2014 and May 29-June 1 2014, with a sample size of N=2003, the respondents had noted that the most common responses to the survey are 1: “Not ready to settle down/Too young”, 2: “not financially prepared”, and 3: “haven’t found what they are looking for”. Also note that “don’t know/refused” and “other” were ignored by the survey.

Now, in my opinion, based on the fact that the survey targeted on those people who have never been married and want to get married or are uncertain if they want to get married, there is a huge demographic in this survey. What about the fact that if a man has been divorced, he has often gone through the wringer, and has been severely damaged, financially, emotionally, and has lost his children as a result of his divorce and has decided that getting married again is a dreadful idea. The Pew survey had only looked at people who have never been married, they are ignoring a huge population of men in this survey.

I guess that this is good for Pew, because if they listen to divorced men, then they will have to admit the truth about the family courts.

However, it is not only divorced men that will never get married again, some women will probably never get married. This is because the women are a little too picky about what she wants. Hypergamy, that thing that causes women to “marry up” to a higher status husband, is the females enemy. Since more women have college degrees, then when she wants to “marry up”, there are very few prospects. So there is no one to “marry up” so she goes through her prime without a marriageable male. And since men, generally, age like a fine wine, and women, generally, age like… MILK… women will generally be shit out of luck. So, all the women should look to the feminists to find the blame in that piece of information.

So, the current situation has been growing since, I think, 1976. In general men don’t want to get married, and for the most part, men are happy without getting married. Well… at least I am. and women cannot find any man that is available and who wants to get married, the man has discovered that he has a good life and rejects her.

Again, thank the feminists.

To bring this back to a personal level, I have been divorced twice. My first divorce happened in 1988, we were too young to be married at the time. My second divorce happened in 2013, I had a stroke, and her hypergamous nature caused her to divorce me. Since my divorce, I am generally more happy than I have been in a long time. Although I am somewhat brain-damaged, I guess I still have a good life. I am much better being single again than when I was married. Life is good for me.

So, for all you men out here who do not want to get married. Do not get married, and accept that bachelor status as a blessing. If you want some companionship, it is far cheaper to rent a HOE (Horizontally Oriented Entertainer) than to even have a date with a women. Otherwise, spend your money on what you want, keep your money and do not allow anyone else to control your money.

Those of you who have been divorced, I hope you were not run through the wringer. It takes dedication to go through this struggle, but if you watch the YouTube videos by Terrence Popp, there is some good advice in those videos.

Those of you who are married and want out, you need to be careful. There was a man in Colorado who converted his entire life savings account ($500,000.00) to gold and claims he threw it away in a dumpster rather than let his wife have it. Whether or not the man actually did this thing is irrelevant, he claims he did it, and no one can claim otherwise.

Also, if your wife threatens to call the police on you, at that point you should consider getting a divorce, and plan accordingly. In much the same way that if a man beats a woman, after the first time, she should leave. The same exact thing should happen if the wife threatens to call the police, start preparing for a divorce immediately. Really, it is the same exact thing.

Zombies, Feminism, And Men.


Personally, I like zombie movies. Particularly the George Romero zombie movies. “Night of the Living Dead”, “Dawn of the Dead”, “Day of the Dead”, Land of the Dead”, “Diary of the Dead”, and Survival of the Dead. These movies, in my opinion are the defining zombie movies.

See, in the George Romero movies, and I am not talking about the remakes, there is absolutely no explanation as to why the living dead have started to start walking around and eating people. The just start walking around and eating people. Also, the George Romero movies are the first zombie movies that have the living dead eating the living.

But most importantly, the George Romero zombie shamble around. The zombies DO NOT RUN. It seems to me that that difference is important and notable. The George Romero living dead is END GAME. There is no escape, the living will die, and there is nothing we can do about it. The living will all die. And as certain as taxes, we will be eaten, no reason, no explanation, we will all die, and we will be all gone.

This defines a horror movie.

The running zombies, that is, most, but not all, non George Romero movies, are merely action movies.

Now, I am not sure about this next, and most important, thing about zombie movies, but in my opinion, men live zombie movies. In general, women do not like zombie movies. There may be some outliers, but in general, us men like zombie movies as much as women dislike zombie movies. And men like slow zombies.

Why is this?

My opinion, at that is all it is, my opinion, is that men like zombie movies because men will be here to kill the zombies.

See, in 1968, the The Night of the Living Dead was released. That was just after feminism started taking hold on our society. Then came the living dead series of movies, and men were viewed as saviors and victims. Men were here to stem off the dead, but men were also unable to save the day, as everything had gone to hell and the living were all going to die. Just like feminism.

I seriously think that this is the reason that men like zombie movies.

We are faced with an enemy that we cannot understand, it is creeping and engulfing us in their grasp and the dead become zombies after they die, and the only thing we can do is to put up a good fight, but men will, nevertheless, be eaten. And we see that mirror through feminism as men become manginas and we are eaten.

Yes, it paints a very grim picture for the survivors, because in the end, the living dead have won. But, yet, men will still fight it as we maintain our dignity throughout out the very real apocalypse.

Of course, we all know that a zombie outbreak would fail. Really, the thought of a zombie apocalypse is laughable for seven reasons {the source of this list is unknown, as I have the list but do not have any citations}.

1: The living dead would have too many predators. Once people become zombies, everything would try to kill them, as the only advantage to people is out mind, and when we become zombies, everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, would eat us.

2: The living dead could not handle the heat. The zombies would be rotting constantly, and while the movies don’t mention it, we would be constantly decomposing before our eyes. Because that is the first thing that happens when we die, we rot. And in the southern United States, like from Florida to Virginia, they would rot quickly.

3: The living dead cannot handle the cold. Hell, they would not survive in a North Dakota winter, they would be frozen stiff, no matter if they are wearing coats, because the living dead are DEAD, they do not generate any warmth, so at least in the northern tier, the zombie apocalypse would be done with in less than 6 months.

4: Spreading a disease through biting is a crappy way to spread a disease. Now, even in George Romero vision, you can become a zombie through being bitten. And that is the worst way in the world to spread the disease. A single case of rabies amongst dogs does not spread the disease very far. That is just the way that reality works.
However, in defense of the George Romero movies, there is no disease we can understand, and if you accept the premises of the George Romero vision, when we die, we become zombies, even if we die due to old age.

5: The Living Dead cannot heal from day to day damage. Hell, the living dead don’t have an operating nervous system, that is why they shamble rather than run. Without a working nervous system, they are never going to heal themselves from every paper cut, every stubbed toe, and every they have been kicked in the nuts. Hell, we have seen a zombie in Day of the Dead walk into a spinning helicopter blade. The living dead are fucking stupid!

6: The landscape is full of zombie-proof barriers. Every obstacle is ignored by zombies, they shamble around and fall off of bridges, and wander aimlessly about. Hell, a simple security door will stop zombies.

7: People have guns. Currently, in the United States, there are approximately 14 million hunting licenses. And there are certainly more people who don’t hunt, but have firearms. Hell, men like to own guns, men like to shoot guns. When the shit hits the fan, LET’S GO OUT AND SHOOT SOME FUCKING ZOMBIES.

So, while the zombie apocalypse is laughable, I would just like to point out that it may seem that feminism is going to take over. We just need to stop and think, keep our heads and the men can overcome the forces of feminism. Just keep cool, be calm, act intelligently, and take every rational opportunity to reduce feminism.

Now, feminism started about fifty years ago, but men have only been fighting against feminism for the past five years. The battle has just started, and there are some women who oppose feminism, and I know that there are other women who claim to be against feminism, but aren’t. But I know that there are some true anti-feminist women. But ultimately, it is up to men to sacrifice, one again, to do what needs to be done to get rid of feminism.