Fallout Of False Rape Accusation.


You may have heard the news that Nicole Eramo, the Associate Dean of Students at the University of Virginia, has filed a lawsuit against the Rolling Stones for $7.5 million dollars.

The claim that their story was malicious in nature and that the writer of the piece, Erdely and her editors, had made some false claims even though the writer and the editors of that article has already admitted that she began to feel nervous as the the truth of the story around the time that the Rolling Stone had printed their article.

Excerpted from the lawsuit.

“Erdely and Rolling Stone acted with actual malice when they published A Rape on Campus. Erdely and Rolling Stone knew that Jackie was not a reliable source for truthful information about her interactions with Dean Eramo. They had serious doubts about the truth of the disparaging claims they planned to make about Dean Eramo, but intentionally violated commonly accepted journalistic norms and consciously failed to investigate sources and information that they believed would have revealed the falsity of the charges they leveled. Erdely and Rolling Stone were intent on painting a narrative that depicted Dean Eramo as complicit in a cover up of Jackie’s allegations and, having made the decision to so accuse Dean Eramo, celebrated their preconceived narrative by including an intentionally doctored illustration of Dean Eramo that depicts her as callous toward a sexual assault victim sitting and crying in her office.”

Some will claim that $7.5 million is a bit excessive, but I don’t think so. The Rolling Stone had violated protocol by printing that article without verifying it in any manner, the woman who wrote the article had an agenda and had wanted a rape to occur on campus and when “Jackie” came up with her deluded fabrication, Erdely ran with it without checking a single fact. The Rolling Stones article cause a shitstorm because of their article which had violated the fraternity itself, and had called into question the entire fraternity system.

Essentially, the Rolling Stone has showed itself to be a rag, and no better than the “Midnight Star” or some other rag you see at the checkout at your supermarket. And for that reason, they should be punished. Severely. My question is that $7.5 million dollars enough punishment?

But, after a little bit of research, I have come up with eight other rape hoaxes that sound amazingly like the UVA rape hoax:

1: February 2013, Morgan Triplett, age 20, claims that she had been raped in broad daylight on the Santa Cruz campus.

This story was a hoax. She had used Craigslist to locate a total stranger who agreed to beat her up in exchange for sex. After that had failed, she tried to find someone to shoot her in the shoulder. Finally, she had found someone to “punch, kick, and bruise her” on Craigslist.

2: November 2004, Desiree Nall, a student at Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida had told the police that she had been raped in a bathroom on campus. Nall was the president of the local chapter of the National Organization for Women and it was during Sexual Assault Awareness Week.

An examination of Nall had showed no evidence of any sexual assault. Nall had eventually admitted that her “rape” was a false accusation. The local police had spent approximately $50,000 investigating Nall’s imaginary claims.

3: April 1991, Princeton University student Mindy Brickman had falsely accused a fellow Princeton student of raping her.

Like “Jackie” at UVA, Brickman had not filed criminal charges. She had libeled the student by spreading her claim throughout the campus. When Brickman’s claim had fallen apartt, she had written an apology in the campus newspaper.

4: April 2013, University of Wyoming student Meg Lanker-Simons, had posted, anonymously, a rape threat directed at herself on a Facebook page called “UW Crushes”.

A police investigation of the false rape determined that Lanker-Simons posted that message on her computer while it was in her possession. She pled no contest to a misdemeanor charge of interfering with a law enforcer and had paid a small fine.

5: Fall 2009, Hofstra University Danmell Ndonye had voluntarily had sex with no less than five men in a dormitory bathroom.

Ndonye, age 18, accused the men of gang rape after her boyfriend had found her with no shoes on and looking like she had just finished with some hot sex. The boyfriend demanded that she contact the police, Ndonye claimed that it’s OK. Anyway, as a result four innocent men were arrested and jailed. eventually the four men were released because someone had filmed the orgy on a mobile phone, and it clearly showed that the sex was consensual.

6: April 2013, a former student of University of Florida student Tanya Borachi lied to the police about being bound and gagged in a Gainsville apartment complex parking lot.

Essentially, her family was expecting her to graduate later in the spring, but Borachi was not going to graduate until later than expected. Police had charged Borachi with filing a false police report.

7: 1993, at Oberlin College. a “take back the night” group on campus had posted a number of signs labeling an apparently randomly-chosen and innocent freshman as “Rapist of the Month”.

The 18-year-old male student, a philosophy student, had received, in the mail, that he was the “Rapist of the Month”. The unidentified student had to deny the allegations from his friends, tore down the signs that many people had already seen. According to one of his remaining friends, he was described as “boring”, he didn’t drink, date, or use drugs.

Another student at Oberlin, sophomore Emily Lloyd, suggested that critics of the incredible falsehood were missing the “take back the night” group’s larger point.

“So many women get their lives totally ruined by being assaulted and not saying anything,” Lloyd explained. “So if one guy gets his life ruined, maybe it balances out.”

8: 1990, Mariam Kashani at George Washington University, had woven a gigantic fiction about a campus rape.

Kashani, a rape counselor and who had worked at a rape crisis hotline, had told the campus newspaper about a white women that had been raped by two black men. Kashani herself had managed to coordinate having someone to impersonate a policeman who had confirmed the story by telephone. When Kashani’s lied had crumbled, Kashani said that she was sorry and had insisted that she had hoped that the story would highlight the problems of safety for all women.

Now, as men, we all should believe that rape is more rare than we would imagine. I have pointed out the actual rape statistics in the United States several times in this Weblog, and I am not going to repeat them again.

However, we should also know that the absolute safest environment with respect to not-getting-raped is in the college campuses. Yes, the incidents for rape in the United states is even lower on college campuses than in the remainder of the United States.

So, false accusations happen, and are perpetuated by women. False accusations of rape are generally unpunished, even though I think that a false accusation should have a very much harsher punishment. But we, as men, can make change occur.

We seriously need to punish false accusations of rape as harshly as we punish rapists themselves. A false accusation should carry the same exact burden as a rapist. In all cases.

While the feminist agenda has been in effect over the past fifty years, it need not take fifty years to disable feminism, if we work together and if we work wisely. We are men, as men we are rational, and we know how the world works. At least as men we know better than women do. We can change society, but only if we look to our manliness, and be men.

Is Feminism Evil, Stupid, Or Insane?


I imagine that the feminists who read this weblog, and I know that at least one reader of this weblog is a feminist, may disagree with this posting, but these are my own thoughts on the matter. So anyway….

It seems to me that the claims that feminists make that the dictionary definition of feminism claims that it is a “belief in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes”
or “the movement organized around this belief”. Now, in my opinion that is exactly NOT what feminism is about, but let us accept that definition for now.

We can read those “official” definitions of feminism as a lifelong gender socialization that both sexes are equal. The problem is that the sexes are NOT equal. Really! You have to be damn stupid not to realize that men and women are very different from each other. Even if we ignore their genitalia, men and women are still very different from each other. Their primary difference is testosterone versus estrogen. These two hormones shape our individual minds and bodies in far more way than we imagine. Yet again, I will refer to my previous posting on the matter. There is no such thing as “testosterone poisoning”, even though the opposition, that would be the feminists, claim that “testosterone poisoning” is a thing. It isn’t.

But, my point is that any political movement based on that very incorrect assumption that men and women are identical is doomed to failure, at the very least.

Additionally, modern feminism is absolutely unnecessary. There has always been an unquestioned assumption that women have always been worse off than men. Well, I am questioning that lame assed assumption.

First, men and women are fundamentally different, and thus men and women want different things in life. That makes it almost impossible to make a comparison between men and women, and to take that into account with a determination is better off or worse off with respect to men and women.

Just because a women earns less money in her job does not mean that a woman is worse off than a man. The choice of jobs are very different for men and women. That does not affect who is better off or worse off, with respect to the sexes.

Men own fewer pairs of shoes than women. Does that mean that men are worse off with respect to shoes than women? Of course not!

Women live longer, in general, than men. Does this means that women are better off than men? Hell, in every human society, for the most part, the women always live longer than the men.


More men do not reproduce than women. So, with respect to reproduction, women are better off than men.

It is also not true that the women are the “weaker sex”. Boys are more fragile than girls, both physically and psychologically, and thus require more in medical and psychological care. Men die from a greater number of diseases than women. More boys die in childhood than girls. And as I have already mentioned earlier, the average lifespan of a man is less than the average lifespan of a woman. This is also why, there are slightly more males born than females, because by the time puberty happens, the ratio is generally equal. {Susan Pinker, “The Sexual Paradox: Men, Women and the Real Gender Gap”, 2009}

Another fallacy that has been perpetrated by feminism is that men have more power than women. Amongst the mammals, the female always has more power than the male, and humans are not an exception to that rule. Yes, in general, men control the money, the politics, and the prestige. And in general men must do that in order to impress a woman. Women have little or no wealth, political power, or prestige (except in pornographic films), but that is because they don’t need to have these things.

Any reasonably attractive young woman exercises as much power over men as the male ruler of the world does over a woman.

Modern feminism ultimately make women unhappy. Over the past Thirty-Five years, American women have become steadily less and less happy. Before then, women were generally a great deal happier than men, despite the fact that they had made much less money than men. Thus, the sex gap in women’s favor has declined as the pay gap in men’s favor, decreased. The result of this is that today, women are as unhappy, and even more unhappy, than men are. That is because, in general, money does not make women happy.

The feminists that insist that a woman can earn as much as a man, if they work at the same exact job, may not be the sole reason for this unhappiness and dissatisfaction with life. We also need to account for the greater incidences of divorce and single motherhood probably play a role in this equation. In general, men have not had a decrease in happiness over the past 35 years, just the women, probably because there is no movement that tries to tell us that men are women.



So, is feminism evil, stupid, or insane? Ultimately, it is your decision.


Suicide Rates In Men Are Caused By Society.


Well, perhaps they aren’t skyrocketing, but if there were women that were killing themselves at approximately the same rate as men ARE killing themselves, there would be a public outcry, form committees to investigate the suicides, and awareness campaigns would warn women that this crisis need to be addressed. Last week, damnit!

However, since it is the men that are killing themselves, no one says a thing. Total. Dead. Silence. For all but few people.

What’s up with that?

The Office for National Statistics (UK) has stated that the male suicide rate has increased significantly since 2007, whereas female suicides have stayed consistent, and lower. Additionally, in 2013, the most recent statistics, the male suicides have risen to a higher rate since a decade.

Additionally, the suicide rate amongst men has most impacted the 45-59 ages, such that the rate is currently higher for that age range since 1981.

Additional links:

But why is the rate of male suicides as high as it is, or why is there not the same rates for female suicides?

Currently, for every woman that commits suicide, over three men commit suicide.

Now, it might be easy to believe that men have a genetic predisposition to suicide. That makes absolutely no sense to me. Why in the world would a man feel unhappy or engage in anti-social behavior when that man is living in the freest and most prosperous nation on the planet. Of course, perhaps we do not really live in the freest or most prosperous nation on the planet.

In my opinion, depression is a precursor to suicide. And, for the most part, when a person is diagnosed with depression, we treat them for their depression. But, what if that is wrong? We assume that the defect is the person with depression. But what if it is actually society that is defective, and the depressed person understands something intuitively about society?

Now, a biological imbalance is best treated with medications. But, it seems to me that if it is impossible to understand an individual’s biology outside of the context of their environment, perhaps we need to take a deeper look into that other variable– the environment. I think we need to consider that the relatively higher suicide rates, and depression, amongst men could be caused by their environment, aside from a legitimate and identified biological imbalance.

Our higher rates on male suicides says, to me, that our current environment has become toxic to men. So, if depression is an indication that there is something wrong the environment, then the rise of male suicides is telling us that there is something wrong with society itself.

We have evolved to be social animals, thus we have survived because we collaborate, form connections, be empathic, and generous. Through our evolution, as children, we feel distressed by the suffering of others. But, we currently live in a society that is increasingly at odds with our basic empathy. Our current social, economic, and political climates are creating an environment such that people feel alienated and stressed.

Men have learned that the highest indicator of success is economic. Men have learned that, through the advertising, that we should buy more so that we can be more. Men have been trained that we should be in competition with other men, and that we should be rewarded for ruthlessness. Men have been taught that empathy and emotional understanding are weaknesses. If men believe that they are basically decent human beings, then we are at odds with our environment, and with society. Thus, society conflicts with our nature.

So we wonder why men are killing themselves. Look to society.

And I am not even going to go on standard anti-feminist rant in this post.

Here Is A Delicious News Report.


Firstly, these are referenced the following websites.








Secondly, why are these reports all around the Asian Internet, but unseen within the United States?

Now, let us continue.

It seems that there have been articles around the Asian Internet that more teenage boys have started reporting that women have been been forcing men into having sex with the said women. Apparently, 43% of high school boys and college men have been reporting that they had unwanted sexual experience. Of those encounters, 95% had said that the female acquaintance was the aggressor.

Now, I am going to leave it at that. I want to explore a few opinions on what I have reported.

Firstly, both women, as well as men, can coerce a sexual encounter of the opposite sex. So, although the feminists will disagree that a women cannot rape a man, these news reports listed above deny the feminists “facts”. Any male under the age of, approximately 35 (Thirty-five) years old is ruled by his “little head” rather than is “big head”. That is just a plain fact.

So, when presented with an option, even possibly coercion, to have sex, his “little head” will ignore his “big head” and respond appropriately, or inappropriately. So it is a very real fact that a man can be raped, even though it is a bad idea. The kid will still get an erection, even when he doesn’t want one.

To claim that it is not, indeed, rape is at the very least insulting, and at the very most, a crime in itself on the part of the deniers. So, my explanation does claim that, yes indeed, a man can be raped. And in this set of circumstances, there is a rapist and a victim.

And, since feminism claims equality for all, well, that’s what they claim, check the fucking dictionary, then we are supposed to automatically believe the victim, without question. And feminism tells us that “victims never lie about rape”.


So, given these two factoids from feminism, we must believe the boys and young men automatically.

Why is this news mostly on the Asian Internet, and seen very little in the United States or Canada? In my opinion, that is because the US and Canada are under the control of feminism. We have been hearing for 40-50 years that women are oppressed, even when the evidence does not support that oppression since 1963. So, the American news is silent on this issue because it does not sound favorable to the feminist agenda.

And even though feminism has screamed and died in 1998, I will eventually post about that, but not now, it is still twitching and hasn’t settled down yet. So we still get more and more nonsense from feminists every day, because they haven’t the sense to just die. Yet.

Now, since most people don’t actually respond to my posts, other than my personal stalker-troll, I am not going to ask you if you believe this news article, because you are not going to respond. But, I do have a question. Do you realize that all the alleged evils of men have also been perpetrated by women. In that, we should realize that some women do the same wrong things that some men do. The only difference between women and men is that each sex has a very different way of doing things. Men are more logical and rational, women are more emotional and irrational. But we do the same things for the same reasons. And that women are very different from men in that testosterone makes us more honest and more social, whereas a lack of testosterone in women makes them more dishonest and less sociable.

And that is why we, as men, need other men. As co-workers, as acquaintances, as friends, as close friends, and as best friends. We do not need a women as a friend. That is where the danger comes. It is far cheaper to rent a HOE, than to have a girlfriend.

A Retraction, And Are Men In Charge Of The Universe?


A few months ago, when I had posted this Weblog on 1 January 2015, I had made some recommendations of YouTube channels. One such recommendation was Sandman.

A few months ago, I had stopped subscribing to Sandman’s channel because I had stopped believing his bullshit. My other recommendations are still very good, by the way. But I can no longer suggest Sandman’s YouTube channel any longer. However, you must make that decision on your own.

Now, feminists claim, without actual evidence, that we live in some mythical patriarchy. I have already refuted this in two articles. Although, the feminists generally ignore real arguments, logic, and reason.

Now, suppose, once again, that we live in a patriarchy wherein men are in charge. Even ignoring the homeless, losers, and really poor men, the only thing we need to do is look at the remaining men and support the claim that all of these men are “in charge” of everything important.


We do not need to look too far and see the numberless men that are not in charge of their own lives, much less in charge of anything else. In my scientific wild-ass guess, approximately 99% of the men in the United States aren’t in charge of shit! Now, that fact that I don’t have total control of my own body, due to seat belt laws, speed limit laws, the fact that I must pay taxes, and other important things like that, indicates that I, personally, am not “in charge” of anything important.

Look at yourself. Make a list of all the things that you are really in charge of. That is a pretty damn short list if you think about it. Are you in charge of anything, really?

So how the hell to the feminists make the claim that men are “in charge” of things? Especially since all men know they don’t control much.

Now, in my opinion, the people “in charge” are generally men. But that does not mean that men are in charge. That claim that men are in charge is a logical fallacy called “Affirming the consequent” fallacy.

But, since logic and reason are anathema to feminists, the feminists will never pay any attention my argument.


So, men, we know we are not in charge of anything important, regardless of what the feminists claim. So we should, yet again, rejoice in the fact that the very best we can do is to take control of yourself, if you can, and ignore the feminists as much as we can. However, we must defend all men. When we hear of someone shaming a man, we should defend the man, if only to simply say “I disagree”. Because men have been abused for forty to fifty years, and we should once again acknowledge that as men, we are in a sort of brotherhood with each other.

And above all “Bros Before Hoes”

Just saying…


Check Out This False Rape Accusation!


Fist off, this is cited on these three sources.

Now that has been said, let us discuss it.

Apparently, there were thirteen girls that made a false accusation of rape leveled on Tyler Kost, who was nineteen years old and had lived in Phoenix, Arizona. I say he LIVED there because he is currently in jail due the the lying bitches who made that false accusation of rape.

See, in that fantasy world where women would never lie about being raped, where most, male, judges always believe anything from a poor, helpless, defenseless girl, the judge sentenced him to jail. The attorney is still fighting the case, though, as has presented a serious buttload of evidence to substantiate that these lying bitches, are, indeed, lying bitches.

Seriously, can you say “preponderance of evidence”?

The attorneys of Tyler Kost have accumulated a veritable treasure trove of evidence including, but not limited to, evidence from Facebook and Instagram that prove that these 13 bitches lied. Additionally, the bitches have referenced a movie plot whose plot involves ex-girlfriends taking revenge against their ex-boyfriend. They had used that plot when making their plans against Tyler Kost.

Seriously, these girls referenced a movie plot? Apparently, the judge in the case was an imbecile, since most, if not all, movie plots are so lame that no one would actually use them in real life. Really.

The attorneys for Tyler Kost have entered 98,000, yes I said ninety-eight thousand, pages from social media evidence including group chats between the accusers and the witnesses. The evidence shows that these girls were working together to build a false story against Tyler. One of the girls had stated “This is going to be so much fun!”

So, these lying bitches thought it would be fun to ruin this young man’s life? Seriously, he has probably already been raped in prison, and if he is cleared from the crime, the fact that is was accused of rape, even if he is let free, his life is essentially over for the rest of his life. But these girls claimed that “It would be fun!”

Now, the defense says that these conversations took place weeks before the false accusation of rape. And the defense would like to access at least eight other people’s social media accounts to determine how far the plot against Tyler had reached. However, Facebook requires a court order from the state before any access to that information can be given. The state of Arizona has refused to issue the order. “Quite frankly the fact that the state is refusing to get any additional social media records is concerning. It’s shocking. Based on what we’ve uncovered so far they should be dismissing several charges. Instead they are digging their heels in and they are refusing to give us anything additional,”.

So, as it stands today (actually a month ago), over a year ago, Tyler Kost was publicly accused of being a serial rapist. We also know that there was a group of girls who had conspired against Tyler to put him in jail. These girls have succeeded with that, and Tyler has been in jail for over a year based on those lies the girls have told.

Society has told us that only a tiny fraction of rape accusations are false. However, every day we see stories of accusers making false accusations of rape. Every day! Tyler Kost has spent over a year i prison, his face has been plastered in the media all over the world and has been identified as a serial rapist.

If the allegations are proven to be false, these thirteen girls MUST be made an example of. The false accusation of rape is as heinous an act as a rape itself. The penalty of a false accusation of rape should carry the same exact penalty as the rape itself. These thirteen bitches deserve to be in prison for the period of time as Tyler was supposed to be in prison. All thirteen of them.

The truth of the matter is:

  • Women do lie about being raped, and it is, in my opinion, a common occurrence.
  • Women are either irresponsible bitches, and as such, should no longer have the vote, or they are responsible for their actions and in which case should be punished as fully as men.

just saying….

Yet Another Discussion About MGTOW.


As I have said before in this weblog, I am a MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way). I become a MGTOW in April 2013, but that was because I was divorced. My MGTOW status had grown, like a flower, starting around 2001. But I knew that in a divorce, the man generally loses, and the woman wins.

I had accepted my miserable life with my wife, because there was no way out for me, that I could see. Then, in 2011, I had a stroke. Now, in my opinion, my strike had essentially killed me. My old self (pre-stroke) was dead, even though in 2015, I still haven’t accepted that fact, and I had never come to terms with my new (post-stroke) self. So, even though my stroke had destroyed my life, I was able to get a divorce, free and clear. In essence, because I was no longer a utility for my ex-wife, we divorced, in April 2013, and in my opinion, I “won” in my divorce. Yes, if my wits were about me, I could probably have my ex-wife pay my upkeep, but I didn’t think about that for a few years.

So, here I am, a brain-damaged man, living in Fargo, North Dakota, with my single cat. And I know every day that my life is, essentially, fucked up due to my stroke. But I persist. I try to know what I used to know, but still isn’t “sticking” yet. But I am somewhat functional in society….

Well, not really. I keep to myself, I don’t interact with very many people. I have appointments at the VA (Department of Veterans Affairs), both medical appointments and mental health appointments. I go to the laundry once a month, I go grocery shopping 2-3 times a week. And that is all of my interactions. I go for a walk every day in Spring/Summer/Autumn, less frequently in the Winter, but I do not interact with people when I walk. I walk 5-10 miles a day in Spring/Summer/Autumn, and 1-2 miles when I walk in the Winter.

So, that is my life.

So, what is up with that MGTOW thing?

Now, first off, an MRA/MRM (Men’s Rights Activist/Movement) is something altogether from a MGTOW. These two groups of people are really different species. The MRA/MRM dislike feminists, they dislike feminists alot! They are best described as anti-feminism rather than pro-anything-else.

The MGTOW is a man who is UNMARRIED, and has nothing other than superficial interactions with women. A MGTOW does not hate women, a MGTOW doesn’t even think about women at all. In the mind of a MGTOW, a women might as well be a different species. Now, some MGTOW may perform a business transaction with a HOE (Horizontally Oriented Entertainer), but that is far cheaper than a girlfriend. A MGTOW knows that the problem is not with feminists, the problem is the inherent nature of women. However, MGTOW does not hate women. A MGTOW just knows that that is the way that women are, and have nothing to do with them, personally.

A MGTOW attempts to be totally free. He keeps the money he earns, he does tries to not go into debt, and if he is in debt, makes every attempt to pay that debt off. He does not, in any form, get entangled with women in any way. A MGTOW attempts to be free. In that definition, MGTOW is not a movement, MGTOW is, properly, a philosophy.

And as we have learned from Ayn Rand, a philosophy is nearly unstoppable.

Now, as an aside, JohnTheOther, on YouTube.com has posted a video entitled “The Second Rule Of MGTOW“. Now, I don’t know if I agree with his video, but it is worth viewing and thinking about.