Rape And “Rape Culture”

When I refer “rape culture”, I am only discussing from the United States perspective, since in other countries there are legitimate rape cultures.

Rape culture is a concept that examines a culture in which rape is pervasive and normalized due to societal attitudes about gender and sexuality {https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rape_culture}.

To keep it as simple, and ash brief that I can say it, THERE IS NO RAPE CULTURE outside of prisons in the United States. And I will refer the the only legitimate statistics available. The FBI’s Uniform Crime Report (UCR), is probably the best statistics on crimes. According to the UCR the most currently available statistics (2014) show that 26.9/100,000. For those of you who get confused by numbers, that rate is approximately 0.00269%.


Hmmm… the feminists claim that 1 of 5 women in college campuses are raped every year, although the feminists claim that the statistics is 1 of 4, or 1 of 3. Well in my opinion and observation the true statistic is more like 1 of .0037174721. That false statistics by the feminists is, obviously, bullshit.

So, can it be possible for there to be a so-called rape culture in the United States if so few rapes occur in the United States? Hell, even most, but not all, hardened criminals hate other inmates who have committed rape. So if everyone, except for the sociopaths, hate rapists, is there REALLY a rape culture in the United States?

I think not!

In my opinion, the feminists are more than just full of nonsense, they are trying to either gain all the power for females, or they are trying to remove any the power from men. And from what I have seen, the feminists are currently “winning”, as men have less power every year, and feminists get their handouts from the government.

Really, this needs to stop.

Men And Finances


First off, with reference to the title of this post, regardless whether you are a MGTOW or not, I am talking about the finances of men, without any references to any other person in your life. No wife, no children, no on else. For the most part, that will only be practical if you are man living alone, and if you have no alimony or child support payments.

It seems to me in my opinion and observations, that the following facts are applicable:


Men need less money than a woman

Now, while some men earn more money than others, if we think about it, that is because they enjoy working in those fields. The corporate leaders just plain enjoy working in those fields, and I find no fault in that fact, as long as the man is not a psychopath or a sociopath.

But a man by himself uses less money, regardless of what he earns. Certainly the man who works for $1,000,000 a year has a better house, but that house will be smaller than if there is a woman and/or children in the mix. Additionally, a man who needs no woman, for whatever reason, will probably have a very small house, because a woman will require a larger house in a better neighborhood, and she will need more possessions than the man does.

Actually, the house is the woman’s house, regardless of what you think and feel about it, and the best situation is to be allowed a Man-Cave in the house. If you are lucky.

Thus, men need less money than a woman, regardless of what they earn. Because if the earn a great deal of money, most of that will be saved.


Men Use Effective Furnishings

Men do not need pretty things. In general, a man will buy furnishings for their utility, and for no other reason. Women need things to match other things in the house. I remember when I was working for Sun Microsystems, our VCR (does anyone remember before DVD’s were available?) had screamed and died. I ran out and bought a VCR at Walmart, since I need a quick VCR and I didn’t have the DVD that I had been watching. The VCR was silver, whereas everything else in the theater system was black.

I cannot begin to explain how that was a BAD THING for that particular purchase. I mean, in my opinion it was a cheap VCR and it worked fine, but according to my ex-wife, I had committed the crime of tackiness for buying something that didn’t match everything else.

So, for a man, functionality is the only thing in my purchases, whereas a woman needs things in her own predetermined looks. Even a woman who does not like things that don’t match, the woman has some reason for things of this color or another color is either good or bad.


Men Generally Enjoy Being Alone

Men enjoy being alone. And even if you enjoy drinking at a bar, that situation you are generally surrounded by people, but you are essentially alone. However, if you go the bar periodically and meet some other men, in that situation you are a small group of people who are, essentially, alone.

That, my friends, is the best part of manhood. Because every other man in the establishment is in small groups who are alone in those little groups.

And in those small groups is the beginning of friendships amongst other small isolated groups. And if you accumulate a like-minded collection of groups, you form the basis of a beginning of a mens group. Possibly. But it really doesn’t matter, because in the end, men being alone is OK for the men.


Mens Activities Are Generally Cheaper Than Women

Lets be honest. I enjoy playing video games. I have been a gamer since 1994 when I first played System Shock on a Windows computer under version 3.1. And since that first experience, when I had battled my way through cyborgs, mutants, and other “things” where I was alone with SHODAN… well, that experience was illuminating.

And a great deal of men are gamers, in much the same way that women are not gamers. And in my experience and observation, gaming is relatively cheap. In my experience, because of my stroke, I spend more time with games than I had before the stroke, due to my disabilities.

And, because if you have games under STEAM, as you raise the level of difficulty, you can play the games again and again for many hours on that single purchase.

In my experience, men like firearms. After the price of the firearm, and while ammunition has become more expensive and less available for some calibers, it really is worth it to join a gun club and sight your rifle and practice every week. And it is sort of relaxing.

And I do not need to say anything more about drinking beer.

In addition there is more to be said about smoking a good cigar. And even though in the United States we cannot get Cuban cigars, although the next time I go to Canada I will check on the law concerning Cuban cigars in the United States, because it is not entirely accurate to say that a single person from the United States cannot transport Cuban cigars for their own use…. I think.

Nevertheless, everything that men enjoy is generally cheaper that the things that women enjoy.



And what is my ultimate message for men?

You know what I am going to say. While women are nice, and while sex is generally great, in my opinion and observation, the price is too high for me.

While I may visit a professional Horizontally Orientated Entertainment (HOE). Ultimately a HOE is cheaper that a wife or a girlfriend, unless you do know an honest NAWALT (Not All Women Are Like That). Although a true NAWALT is rarer than you would imagine.

If you are happily married, they the least you can do is find a mens group and participate in the mens group for at least four times, depending on often they meet.

If you are unhappily married but you have children, or your state has alimony, and you are hoping to die before you go insane, I am sorry to hear about that. But you seem to be stuck. You really need a mens group, and you should talk your situation amongst the group.

If you are divorced and have child support or alimony, you are well and truly screwed. I am sorry to hear about that, and I have no idea of what you can do.

If you are divorced with no child support or alimony, or if you are a MGTOW, then you are very probably in the best possible position.

However, I think that every man should find a local mens group. Depending how often they meet you should visit that group at least four times to make a decision to belong or not.

But most importantly, men generally handle money better than women, for the most part. You should try to keep as much money that you can by spending less and saving/investing more.

And for those of you who are irresponsible with money. You seem to be screwed.

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More About The Virtues Of Men

To continue with my Virtues of Men…


The Virtue Of Husbanding.

Now, what I mean “Husbanding” I am not certainly talking about marriage, rather I men it in the “old fashion” sense of conservation, taking care of critters, and also a thrifty manager of resources.

Now if we talk about husbanding, it make a bit more sense in that a man does, indeed, take care of critters and even produce. What is a stereotypical man? It is often a farmer, takes care of critters, in essence, he supports a stable stock of these particular critters.

In today’s society, the stereotypical husband does not take care of any farm, or no herd of animals for which to care. However, even if you have a single dog, who takes care of the dog? Although women look after the dog, it is the man that is most likely loyal to the dog. The dog really loves the man, even if he is not really deserving of that loyalty. In my opinion, that is why a man almost always is associated with a dog in some manner.

In my own situation, I have two cats. One cat is 19-years old (nineteen years old!) and the younger is 11 (eleven) years old. And I am trying to justify buying a dog when “Mister Fluffy” the oldest cat, passes on into death.

Now with my stroke, I am not a very good manager, due to my near-absolute lack of “executive functions”. However, I do pay my bills, what little I have. I do take care of food, heat, rent, Internet, and an account with a company in France for the game I play. And for those reasons, I am a reasonable manager of my affairs.

The Virtue Of Wildness.

In essence, human beings have from a long history of many changes over evolution. We had originally been nothing more than rodents when the dinosaurs roamed the earth. And throughout evolution, we had almost gone extinct several times, but we struggled throughout time and we had gained a foothold… barely.

During the ice ages, we had nearly gone extinct again, but we have survived into what we are today. And since we are not specialized, we are a haphazard collection of traits and history, but we are still not very far away from our wild nature. We are the naked ape who almost didn’t survive. And because of that nature, we are only partially tamed. And the other part is a wild animal, at heart.

And I do not mean that we are cruel. But we have a wildness about us. We are what we are, and it is that wild nature that serves us at times, when the going gets tough. Somehow, when we are threatened we remember that wild nature, and we do some amazing things that we didn’t know how we had done. And for all the feminists that consider testosterone is a “poison”, men still have much use for testosterone, as testosterone is a calming influence on men, nevertheless it does increase our upper body strength when we need it.

And that is, in my opinion and observation, why the wildness of men is because of our testosterone. It allows men with the higher upper body strength, the increased calmness, and the greater propensity to honesty.

So men, embrace what you are, embrace your virtues, for we have those virtues for a reason. Never forget these things.

The Virtues Of Men

I must first describe what a virtue is, or more properly, what I think a virtues is. First off, I not going to make any religiously-defined virtues, since the religious virtues are, essentially, bullshit, as they are based on those damnable seven deadly sins. In ancient times, the Latin was virtus, and in Ancient Greece it was “arete”, and essentially meant “moral excellence”. Thus, a virtue was a positive quality or trait that was the opinion as being a morally good, and thus valued, as a foundation of principle and good moral being. {https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtue}.


Now that that is cleared up, what are the Manly Virtues?

The Virtue Of Empathy.

Now, by empathy, in my opinion, men do not have empathy, rather, men ARE empathic. He has given up his illusions and his material STUFF, he is not self-contained within his being, rather, he gives these things freely because all men are essentially the same. We men have faced sorrow, pain, grief, shame, guilt, and some men have been beaten up by a criminal at some part in his life. And all men feel these thing in other men’s lives and all that feel them as if they were his own pain.

The Virtue Of A Heartful Mind.

Most men seem to be more at by thinking or acting rather than feeling. However, that is the manner have been raised. A man by himself, alone in the universe, once he has taken care of the necessary thing to live, at that a point does a man start feeling. Yes, they first think then act, but once he is settled, he starts feeling. At that point is where a man becomes a man, the point he starts feeling as we are supposed to. And throughout the process, he be alone, but he is NEVER lonely. The man alone is just acting out what the man really is.

Solitude is what man does when he ignores the competing voices of the Internet, the market forces, the city, the home, the masses of society. A man becomes a man when he listens to his own heart. How many men out there go hiking, camping, boating, fishing, or other such activities. That is when a man is alone with himself. And even fishing is solitude, because thing that happens when fishing is catching a damn fish. Generally, it is best to not even use a hook.

The Virtue Of Moral Outrage.

Anyone that pays attention to current events should be properly outraged. Obamacare, Net Neutrality, the Iraq War, the cops overstepping their mandate, the Afghanistan War, the letters to the editors, Ebola, Feminism, just the fucking news should probably get you outraged. And, in my opinion, people who are not outraged, are either stupid or numb for some reason.

A proper men, when he takes notice of current events, is surrounded by conflict. At some point enough men will have decided to act, And in my opinion, those actions are going to involve some people getting hurt. Unfortunately, a calm man is probably the most dangerous thing in the world.

The Virtue Of Right Livelihood.

Now, there is no easy way for a man to determine what is the right or wrong livelihood. But, if we keep that as an open question, and are willing to keep that question alive within your heart, that is probably the best course of action. However, I think that every man should keep, and maintain, his dignity and honor his own manhood. All men need to stop making a living at something of very little importance, or something destructive, and still maintain a sense of legitimate self worth.

However, the question we must answer, and we must answer that question for himself, is what should we do for a living. However, in my opinion, a man that chooses to be a pimp, a heroin dealer, a mercenary, or an arms dealer, is not a proper job, since those jobs destroy any authentic sense of “spiritual” vocation.

However, what about a farmer who grows a crop of marijuana to make payments on his family farm? Or a Kentucky farmer who grows tobacco? A scientist who designs plutonium triggers? A corporate raider who destroys businesses? or a manufacturer for Monsanto chemist who designs questionable biological corn?

I think we should all ask who and what are you? Ignore everything except yourself. Ignore what your wife thinks, and ask that most important question you can ask. Who are you?

The Virtue Of Enjoyment.

What do you enjoy. Honestly, ignore everything that everyone else enjoys and ask yourself honestly what do you really enjoy? Understand that fanatical warriors and compulsive do-gooders burn out and give everyone else heartburn. Do you really think that you can be a social-justice-warrior without becoming moralistic, depressed, and burned out?

You need to shift your attention a bit and just sit down and talk about sports, video games, play a game of chess, shoot firearms, and really enjoy yourself. See, you need to ignore those externalities and live. In my opinion, we have too many gadgets and that increases our interruptions. For the most part, our problem is that we have a diminished sense of joy since the 1970′s. I think that our recent technologies have started killing our minds, and we need to recharge through starting to enjoy ourselves again.

The Virtue Of Friendship.

Friendship, as opposed to acquaintanceship, is probably better than sex, money, or power. I have a hierarchy of co-worker, acquaintance, friend, close friend, and best friend. And I do not label someone as a friend for at least a year or two. So, in essence, I do not abuse the term of friend. For me to label someone as a friend is a great compliment.

I was interviewed in 2000 at a gun shop. I had known the guy for about six months, and I considered the man as an acquaintance. And when the reporter asked me if we were friends, I answered something like “not yet, but we have only known each other for six months”. People didn’t understand that, because too many people use the “friend” too easily and too quickly.

In my opinion, a friend will help you bury a body, no questions asked. A close friend will help you find a pig farm. Also, in my opinion and observation, two friends can share a hug without either of them being homosexuals.

The Virtue Of Communion.

Men form communities, we form in small groups that will generally grow for a while that some people from the main group will slit off and another small community will grow. The split isn’t based on a disagreement, it has just come to pass that the initial group is to large and some group of people need to grow a second group.

Even though men like to be alone, we also need to reach out with other men on occasion. That is generally called a “Mens Group”. See, a mens group is NOT about beating drums, dressing like cavemen, and acting like assholes. A mens group is just a bunch of men that talk about important issues about how they are feeling about themselves.

However, if there is no mens group, men will form pseudo-communities. but these pseudo-communities are generally not fulfilling as a real community, since the pseudo-communities do not respect their individuality and are generally not cherished and and if they do not conform to a tyrannical norm, they are generally unwelcome.

“A man without a friend, a family, or a community is an abstraction on the way to becoming a heartless functionary.” {“Fire In The Belly”, Sam Keen, page 177, 1992}


I have spent approximately 3 hour on writing this post, and I am tired and I need a nap. It drains me to focus my attention for even a nominal span of time. But this is what I have.



What in the world is Hypergamy?

Essentially, hypergamy is the practice of marrying someone who is of higher status, wealthier, or of a higher caste. Hypergamy is generally restricted to women, but, in my opinion, some men are hypergamous until we look at the exact circumstances.

A NAWALT (Not All Women Are Like That) is generally not hypergamous, however true NAWALTs are rare. And a women that claims she is a NAWALT is usually deceiving either herself or the man looking for a NAWALT. But, there are some NAWALTs, however they are far and few between. If you do find a true NAWALT, she is a prize beyond all women.

So, why are women hypergamous?


You do realize, of course, that women are very different from men. Men really only care about their weight and their personality, for the most part. And for that reason, men generally get screwed over by women. However, women are governed by their reproductive strategy, even though that reproductive strategy is a throwback from a million years ago. In today’s society, it seems to me, there is no longer a need for hypergamy, yet it still exists.


And that, for the most part, is why women screw men over. My statistics for women-initiated divorces range from 70%, {http://www.edivorcestatistics.com/women.html} 75%, {http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/07/22/divorced-women_n_3636650.html} 85%, {http://www.greatdivorceadvice.com/divorce/Divorce-Statistics.htm} and 90% {http://www.yourtango.com/experts/cindy-holbrook/top-10-reasons-why-women-divorce}.


However, for the most part, men will generally stay in broken marriage for some reason. In my opinion, that is because men know that men, generally get screwed over with respect to a divorce. Even if there are no children, men generally go through the wringer in a divorce.


Thus, as long as you are wealthy, or of higher status, you are generally going to maintain your marriage. However, if you have a decrease in status or wealth, your marriage is probably going to crumble. Sad to say.


For a man, there is little or no guarantee that a woman will stay faithful during the course of the relationship and won’t “upgrade” him for a higher status male. This combined with divorce laws that marginalize and crush men, is reducing the flow of men that are willing to commit to marriage, increasing the number of men who prefer short flings and one night stands.

In addition, feminism and careerism is causing women to look for a man to settle long after their biological prime. Today’s women spend their youth partying, studying and working. When the time comes and they decide to settle, it may already be too late. This is because women’s “shelf-life” clashes with men’s biological instincts which are naturally inclined to mate with younger women. {http://www.returnofkings.com/8756/hypergamy-unchained}


My own divorce, approximately a year and a half ago, is the result of hypergamy.

I had an ischemic stroke approximately three years ago, due to a blood clotting disorder. After I had been rehabilitated as much as I could, and after I had tried several strategies to gain employment, I discovered that although I could get hired, I could not keep a job for more than a month or less. And because of my stroke I am partially brain-damaged and have no “executive functions” any longer. Because my ex-wife had downgraded me in her assessment, her hypergamous nature took over and decided to divorce me. After my divorce had been finalized, she sent me a hard-copy letter telling me that she wanted anything to do with me ever again.

So, I understand hypergamy. And I have been affected by my ex-wife’s hypergamy, in my opinion and observation, hypergamy is a savage natural instinct that finds social acceptance when many other instincts do not. Although hypergamy is a very dangerous human instinct.


Men, Voting, And Military Service

I had stated in a previous post that women have never earned their right to the vote, for the most part.

This statement was that men did have the right to a vote, since men are disposable because most men have no choice to get drafted into military service. However, since women have a choice to enter military service, and if they choose to not enter military service– no harm, no foul.

Now, I stand by what I had said, for the most part. My true beliefs on the matter are probably a bit harsher. Since tomorrow is Armistice Day, also known as Veterans Day, Remembrance Day, and Poppy Day, I am in a certain mindset right now. Additionally, we had voted on 4 November and I am also thinking about that event.

Most people will disagree with my position on voting, since I haven’t voted since 1997. However, I do have some very good reasons:

First, if we assume the honesty of politicians, there has never been any candidate that I totally agree with , and since the lesser of the evils is still evil, I cannot, in good conscience, vote for a politician I disagree with in any manner. Maybe if there is a politician that I agree with, I will vote, but not until I am aware of that mythical politician.

Second, I know that during the primary election the democrat is talking as he is the most representative of that party. And the same is true for the republicans. However, during the general elections, these parties present themselves as centrist. So, who are the politicians? What do they really believe? For that reason, I distrust politicians.

Third, most politicians are probably psychopaths. It seems to me that psychopathy attracts politicians or maybe vice versa. I have taken a personal interest in psychopaths, as my sister, a real live psychopath, had screwed me over about 1_1/2 years ago.


So, what this have to do with Veterans Day? These ideas I am about to present are directly from the book “Starship Troopers”, by Robert A. Heinlein was published in 1959 (the book has absolutely nothing to do with the 1997 movie). In the book, there are some important ideas:

First: The right to vote is a privilege reserved in military service, directly or indirectly.

Second: A politician must have served in the military service.

Now, as I have earned the right to vote, although I do not choose to do so. I seriously think that an able-bodied women has no obligation to go to military service if the politicians say that they must fight, and die, on a battlefield. Then the woman who does not enter into military service is, probably, a parasite.

Additionally, a politician who doe not enter military service, and for this military service that means active duty, no national guards or reserves allowed, then the politicians are, likewise, parasites.
How can the politicians lead us into war unless they know, first hand, what they are getting into? Unless the politicians understand military service directly, they do not have the right to be in charge of anything other than a quicky-mart or a burger-barn.

Of course, as usual, this is merely my opinion.

Have a good, but sad, Veterans Day.

The Male Abortion

In my last post, I had said some things concerning a “male abortion” and I would like to address that information in a little more detail, since most people seem not to understand the issue.

I had first hear the concept in around 1993. And the man with which I was speaking had spent about a 5 minute period where he had given me the rough outline. I had been thinking about the issue of a “male abortion” ever since, and when I had the opportunity, I would talk about it. The feminists went crazy, of course. However, I had also noted that some men would also freak out about the idea.

I will refer to those people who freak out about a “male abortion” as manginas.

Those men who freaked out had said things about responsibility and accountability. The funny thing was that these men had assumed that men had responsibility and accountability, but women did not.

FACT: Women have the right to an abortion.

FACT: Essentially, women had the right to opt out of parenthood by their choice of getting an abortion.

Now, I associate any blame if a women wants to opt out of parenthood. A women may opt out of parenthood for whatever reason they choose, as the rights of an actual human being takes precedence over a potential human being. So, in my opinion, if a woman choses to not be a parent, then I am totally OK with that fact, for whatever reason.

Additionally, an abortion is safer than carrying the child to term and birthing the child.

FACT: Men do not have the right to opt out of parenthood.

And that is a problem for me, and for all men. Because a woman has the right to opt out of parenthood ans men do not could, and does, create some serious problems between men and women. It creates a man a slave. And by that reason, it the man less than a men, perhaps less than a human. It places all the power in the hands of a women.

And, as I have said, above, because women are not considered to be responsible or accountable, it is giving a woman a weapon that she will use, and without considering the consequences of her actions.

FACT: There are two choices to remedy the problem. The first remedy is to disallow abortions altogether. The second remedy is a “male abortion” (we can also call this a “legal abortion”).

The first solution is unacceptable. The “personhood” people are deluded, in my opinion. The fact that women have a right to abortions I do not think that making abortions illegal can only cause problems. Women will still get abortions, either by going to Mexico or Canada, or in illegal facilities in the larger cities. I am sorry, boys and girls, but if abortions were illegal, people would still get abortions, but the non-wealthy people would be in some evil, nasty places, and women would die.

FACT: The only valid solution is for the “male abortions” or “legal abortions”.

So how would the “male abortion” work?

It would probably require a legal document that would, essentially, state something to the effect of:

The woman is pregnant. The man doesn’t want a child. The woman is the sole responsibility of taking care of the child in all matters. I’ll see you later. Bye.

The man cannot force the women into an abortion, it merely states that the man is not getting involved in any way.

Seriously, that would be it.


Although, in a perfect world, men have to opt into parenthood as the default. But once men do get the right to opting out of parenthood, the next issue, of course, would making a man to automatically opting out unless the man files the appropriate paperwork.


Now, of course, many people will now consider me the source of all evil for this suggestion. However, I really don’t care. Here is my “I don’t care” face.