Men Tend To Be Alone

I was thinking about things and I know that men, generally, prefer to be alone. Now, by “alone” I do not mean that men are “lonely”. There is a big difference between the two concepts.

happy young business man at office

The first question I would ask is why do men to be alone. My answer, in my opinion and experience, is that because men actually prefer to be alone, or with the company of close friends. This allows us the time to think.

In my opinion, a married man prefers to be alone to, essentially, escape from his wife. Let’s face it, a wife, really any woman, is a burden of obligations that she has imposed on us. So we escape from the wife in our man-space. That man-space may be an actual man cave, or it could be a virtual place to which he escapes.

An unmarried man should, properly, have his entire apartment, or other dwelling, a man cave. That is where the man goes and be away from the incessant problems that have cropped up in his job or his outside world. This is where a man may be alone and “recharge” and prepare himself to face the outside world.

A woman, in my limited experience and observation, needs people. Apparently, women tend to define themselves through others. A women without an external support structure is very probably confused and adrift in the world.

And, yet again this is why a women tends to interfere with what the man does, because men and women, in a fundamental manner, cannot deal with each other in the same way. And in my opinion, that is probably why women tend to divorce men. See, a man is generally OK with a woman who is a nag, but a man lost in his own mind cannot tolerate that.

Secondly, men very rarely feel lonely, unless they have been damaged in some manner, PTSD for example. It is because men prefer to be alone that they are very rarely lonely. However, I do need to say that if you know a man who feels lonely, then you should make every effort to befriend the man. Males tend to commit suicide more frequently than women, and a women is, generally, not really prepared to talk to a man as a man. In my unprofessional opinion, the best way to prevent suicide of a man is through another man.

An Open Letter To JohnTheOther

First and most importantly, I have had a stroke approximately three years ago. As a result of that, I have suffered some brain damage.



I have heard that, for whatever reason, you have left AVFM (A Voice For Men). Unlike others, I do not consider you to be a traitor in any way. I also know that you are somewhat abrasive, and I actually think that your abrasiveness is to your benefit.

Let me explain.

From my understanding of the Gay Rights movement after the Stonewall riots, there were two “types” of gay rights activists. There were the people who were reasonable, calm, and collected. There were also people who were “abrasive”. And in my observation and opinion, both groups were necessary. I will refer to these people as the “politicians” and the “firebrands”. And you, Mr. TheOther, are a firebrand. And in my opinion, that is a needed component of Men’s Rights Awareness. Without the firebrand, without you and people like you, any awareness of men’s rights is doomed to failure.

I do not think that Paul Elam is aware of the importance of the “firebrands”. Or he has chosen to ignore that fact. Additionally, with respect to Paul Elam being married and claiming to be an MGTOW is so much nonsense, in my opinion.

So, Mr. The Other, I think that you are a necessary part in any endeavor with a “politician”. For neither “politicians” nor “firebrands” cannot be successful without the other. So, whatever you have decided to do. I respect what I know of your position.

A Woman Gets Sentenced

In a previous posting {}, I had mention that a Fargo women had been accused of killing her boyfriend with her car. Well, the woman had had plead guilty on Monday, 27 October 2014.

olivia anderson

“FARGO – A Fargo woman originally charged with manslaughter and making false reports to police after allegedly killing her boyfriend by knocking him off the hood of her car following a fight about infidelity has pleaded guilty.

Olivia Katherine Anderson, 21, pleaded guilty Monday in Cass County District Court to one count of reckless driving and one count of false information to law enforcement, both Class A misdemeanors.

Prosecutors originally charged Anderson with manslaughter in the death of her boyfriend, Dvaughn Rutues, who was rushed to the hospital on March 7 with a severe head injury when he fell off the hood of Anderson’s car after she slammed on the brakes.

Rutues had just returned to the home where Anderson had spent the night babysitting, court documents say. Anderson accused him of being out with other women and stormed out of the house to drive to her sister’s house, when Rutues followed her, according to court documents.

Rutues’ family spoke in court Monday, asking Judge Norman Anderson to hold Anderson accountable for his death.

“This changed my life – he had a baby,” said Rutues’ father, Kelvin Golar. “He didn’t deserve this. … It’s an open wound to my family.”

“Our family has sustained a very great loss. … He has a daughter that will never ever grow up and know her dad,” said Golar’s sister, Mildred Golar. “He was a good kid.”

Anderson said in court Monday that she didn’t mean to kill her boyfriend.

“I didn’t mean to hurt anybody – I loved him,” she said during her sentencing hearing.

Prosecutors asked the judge to sentence Anderson to three months in jail and a year of supervised probation, partially because of her minimal criminal history and the lack of intent to kill Rutues.

Anderson was sober at the time of the crash and didn’t act appropriately to defuse the situation with the “very drunk” Rutues, said Cass County prosecutor Ryan Younggren.

“She was able to resolve things with a level head. She did not do that,” Younggren said.

Complicating matters for Fargo police investigators was that Anderson and her sister, Alexis Anderson, both at first told police they didn’t know what happened to Rutues. Both women claimed they didn’t see the crash, court documents say.

Defense attorney Steve Mottinger asked Judge Anderson to impose community service instead of some of the jail time prosecutors requested.

“She stepped up to the plate, she called 911, she went down to the hospital,” Mottinger said.

Anderson imposed the sentence prosecutors sought, saying the main point was that she didn’t mean to kill the victim.

He allowed her to serve her three-month jail term on work release.

Anderson also sentenced Alexis Anderson to a year of supervised probation after she pleaded guilty to a single count of Class A misdemeanor false information to police.” {}

However, in my opinion, this woman had not really been punished as much as she should have been. Also, if a man had committed the same crime, you have to know that the man would have been in prison for a few years. This woman should have been sentenced as if she was a man, which in this case, was certainly not.

An yes, even if it was an accident, the court should have overlooked that the perpetrator was a woman.


Concerning Voting And Selective Service

I know that in the United States that the female vote had occurred in 1920, just after World War One had ended. An we have been told that men had always had the vote. But how true is that?

According to the Constitution, there was no determination as to who could vote, however, for the most part, only white, male, landowners (who owned who owned at least fifty acres of land), or had taxable income.

And prior to the sixteenth amendment to the constitution, which was ratified in 1913, was very different from before the sixteenth amendment. And even after the sixteenth amendment, it was very difference until about the 1950’s.

So, in general, it was the fifteenth amendment to the constitution to prohibit the federal and state government to deny a citizen the right to vote.

So, all men had the right to vote in 1870. Women had the right to vote in 1920. That span of time is only 50 (fifty) years. In terms of historical timescales, that is a relatively short span of time.

However, I tend to have some difficulty with a small oversight in the right of women to vote. And that is the issue of citizenship.


This is a function of selective service. Now every man must enroll in selective service within 30 days of their 18th birthday. Now, I have never enrolled in selective service, since I had enlisted in the military 90 days before my 18th birthday. Now, say what you want, the selective service system is really registering for the draft, and you know that it is. It also mandatory for every male to enroll in selective service.

However, females are not required to register for selective service.

There is no consistent policy as to whether registration is allowed when not required. Failure to register can cause problems such as denial of Pell Grants, even when registration is not allowed. {}. Additionally, even men that are “unacceptable”, for example in the case of a guy in a wheelchair with total paralysis, must still register for selective service.

And if a man has decided to not enroll for selective service, he can face up to five years in jail or a fine of up to $50,000.00, and if convicted, that fine is increased to $250,000.00. Yes, a quarter if a million dollars.

So, men have to earn their privilege with their lives in a potential war. That is the cost that men pay for their vote. And a woman? A women may, if she choses, join the military, but there is no requirement.

And that is my problem with women voting. They have done nothing to earn their voting status other than bitching and whining about it. They do not make the ultimate sacrifice when the shit hits the fan. So, in my opinion, I think that anyone who wants to vote should enter the military, and when they have been given an honorable discharge, they have the right to vote.

But, again, that is just my opinion.

An Example Of The “Sugar And Spice And Everything Nice” Is Bullshit.

Yet another example of how women perpetrate crimes as much as men. Now, while I believe that the woman in question, when she has been found, will probably, in some way, claim that it was a man that caused her to do it. I will say that it will be just feminist nonsense. The woman did it, and that is all there is to it. And she, most likely, will get a less harsh sentence than a man because she is a woman, that is an inequity that has been around for a very long time.


“Woman robs Moorhead Tesoro in daylight stick-up
By Forum staff reports on Oct 23, 2014 at 8:24 p.m.

MOORHEAD – A woman robbed a downtown gas station here on Thursday morning in a rare daylight stick-up, making off with an undisclosed amount of cash, police say.

At about 11 a.m., a woman in her 20s later identified as being Native American walked into the Tesoro at 104 8th St. S. and displayed a silver-colored weapon in her left hand, Lt. Tory Jacobson said in a news release.

The woman, who may have been wielding a knife, demanded cash, Jacobson said in an interview at the robbery scene Thursday.

Witnesses had last seen the suspect on foot heading east on Main Avenue and then south down 13th Street, police said shortly before 3 p.m.

The woman was wearing a dark hoodie, multicolored pajama pants and a white cloth scarf over her face to conceal her identity, Jacobson said in the release.

Several customers were at the gas pumps outside the store during the robbery, and the clerk wasn’t injured, Jacobson said in the release.

Police wouldn’t say how much money the suspect took in the robbery.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Red River Regional Dispatch Center at (701) 451-7660 and ask to speak with an on-duty supervisor for Moorhead police.” {}

Is Feminism A Hate Group?


From my perspective, and in my experience, feminism, by that I mean gender-feminism, is, indeed, a hate group. Now, the gender-feminists will insist that it did not start as a hate group, however, in some of my posts, we can see that gender-feminism is, and has always been, a hate group, for the most part. However, there are some outliers that are equity-feminists, and they have not bought into the hatred.

One of these equity-feminists is Christina Hoff Sommers {}

So, when I speak of that particular hate-group it is the gender-feminists of which I speak.

Now, does anyone know about Erin Pizzey? {} She was the first person in the world to start the first women’s shelters in the UK, Canada, and the USA. And her findings shortly after that first women’s shelter had started was that most domestic violence is reciprocal, and that women are equally as capable of violence as men. And, of course, the gender-feminists didn’t like what Pizzey and said and has been the recipients of many death threats because of that. Additionally, she is still receiving death threats even today.

So, that says a great deal of the character, or lack thereof, of some gender-feminists. So much hatred to another women probably tells us much concerning the level of hatred towards everyone who is not a gender-feminist. Also, Pizzey has written a book entitled “From the Personal to the Political” wherein she has asked the question who are the victims, the women or the men?

Also, you should understand that Pizzey does not possess a right-wing frame of reference. She is a social activist who has seen how women really are. And she carries a great deal of weight with her respectability, and because she has been surrounded by feminism ever since feminism existed, her opinion is trustworthy.

Additionally, we can say more about feminism since, for non-gender-feminists, feminism encourages, or creates, negative emotions. Kenneth Minogue, currently dead, was an Emeritus Professor of Political Science and Honorary Fellow at the London School of Economics. {} In his article entitled “How civilizations fall” refers to refers to “Betty Friedan’s radical feminists” as a “new tribe” established in the 1960’s. He then notes that “The first task of this new movement was to create the shared consciousness necessary for tribal functioning. Like all forms of psychic collectivism, ‘consciousness raising’ (as it is known) exploits indignation and cultivates righteousness”. He further notes that these feelings of “indignation” and “righteousness” form the bitter root that springs up into seething anger and even (dare I say it) hatred in many feminists. Feminism plays up women’s alleged inferior status in Western society to generate anger, and that anger becomes the motivation for feminist activism. It also slides easily into hate. {}

So, feminism, or at least gender-feminism, is just more than the idea that women should the same opportunities as men. Indeed, it is an ideology that forms battle lines between women against men in a struggle for power. And I admit that in history men have held power, and some men did harm women. However, the feminists that want all of the control is based upon flattery. Women, the feminists have revealed, are marvelously talented set of people who have been suppressed throughout all of history by the evil male “patriarchy”. We have been told that men are the enemy, that men are evil, that men have subjugated women, and that women must break free from their bondage. {}

And that attitude, in my opinion and in my observation, is what makes feminism, or gender-feminism, a hate group.

But, because feminism has been favored by the media and the politicians, including Obama, it is a very difficult thing to fight.

The mens movement is still young, and it is going to a long time to turn the tide. And I will be dead before men and women are equal. I certainly hope that any of the people who read my posts are free before you die.

Also, I should like to note that I have, somehow, broken my email capabilities. I shall fix these problems in the fullness of time.

Women Who Have Tattoos And Piercings Are Broken

This may may sound somewhat weird, cruel, and somewhat judgmental, however, I believe that this a factually true.


There are people that have tattoos and piercings, and I will say, that in my opinion, this does not, in any way, shape, or form, make the women make the woman more attractive. Period.

I do not thing that any man has ever thought that a particular women would make her look sexier. I cannot see that a man would say, “that woman would look really hot if she had a butterfly tattooed over her ass”. Yet, for some reason, women tend to put ink within their skin, or wear piece of metal on her nose. But, yet, many women do that very thing.

As a matter of fact, there are more women than men with tattoos.

I should point out that, in my opinion and observation, we should treat these women with tattoos or those who have extraneous piercings as lepers.

These women are sluts.

Lets face it, what kind of woman would be comfortable lying down in public while a fat guy with a dirty beard sticks a sharp needle into her skin? The kind of woman who takes sharp objects in her vagina as a hobby. {} {} {}

These women have no foresight.

Even in today’s society, people with piercings have a hard time getting hired for anything even for the menial jobs. And what is going to happen to these women as time marches on and all those cool things that, you think, look so cool and individual, start sagging and wrinkling in your 50’s and beyond.Seriously, what the fuck were you thinking? {} {} {} {} {}

These women are selfish.

These women get these things done to themselves to identify themselves as individuals, just like everyone else. They do these things for themselves, in other words, “I AM DOING THIS FOR ME!”. A woman who disfigure herself will never attempt to please anyone or do anything nice for another person. {} {} {}

These women are boring.

Seriously. Yes, these people have tattoos and piercings, and they imagine that that fact will make them naturally interesting. So, why should they bother having anything other than that fact? Most women tend to be as boring as dirt, although a pierced/tattooed woman is aggressively boring as dirt. {} {}

These women are mentally ill.

Really. Any women who imagines that getting a tattoo or a piercing is a good idea, even a seemingly innocuous one, is going to be more than a little bit crazy. In my experience, every pierced or inked woman has never been right in the head. Some were clinically depressed. Some suffered from anxiety of even full-blown personality disorder. I have known a psychopath who was inked. {} {} {} {} {} {}

Again, this is my opinion. If you do not like what I have said, then you can email me at: